Point Sebago

Point Sebago offers families all over the world one of the most diverse first-class vacations in Maine. They have been in the business for over 40 years and have well-established their reputation. Basically, it is a mix of everything that one would want to see in the family vacations package. Exceptional location, nationally recognized golf course, lots of entertainment programs (themed nights, festivals, games, Bingo, Mini-golf, Washer Toss, Arts and Crafts, Dancing, Shows, etc) and recreational activities (Kayaking, Canoe Races, Boat rentals, fishing, swimming, deep sand volleyball, shuffleboard, golf, Tennis, Basketball) for all ages makes it a perfect destination for family vacations. The destination is just as ideal in the winter, as they offer vacation home rentals and skiing and snowmobiling tours. More info on Point Sebago ticketing can be found here.


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