Day Of Your Event

With the SimpleTix Event Organizer app, event day runs smoother

Our free Event Organizer app enables hassle-free event management—right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Just use your SimpleTix account info to get started.

Put the Event Organizer in Your Pocket

It’s never been simpler to manage your event.

Look Up Orders and Patrons

Check order information by order number or patron name.

Scan Tickets By Mobile

Scan at the door with your device’s camera and instantly update attendance.

Sell Tickets On-Site

Rush tickets are no problem with built-in integration to your SimpleTix account.

Accept Credit Cards

Swipe cards right on your device with the Square reader.

Monitor Events in Real-Time

Sales and attendance numbers update automatically with each recorded entry.

Use Multiple Devices

Equip your entire FOH team without duplicating entries or missing orders.

Rush tickets? No problem

When you’re staring at a line with only 10 minutes left before the curtain rises, things can get stressful… But not with Event Organizer! Sell rush tickets as quickly and easily as you handled advance orders online.

Quickly process will calls

Will calls can be tricky to handle just before an event. With Event Organizer you can search all orders by name or order number and find ticket orders fast—the key to making your will call line run smoothly.


Event Organizer Square

SimpleTix is a preferred integration partner for the Square payment app. That means our Event Organizer app works from the start to make on-site payments a breeze. Just use your Square card reader to accept credit or debit—Event Organizer handles the rest.

Track and monitor attendance

People make mistakes—sometimes tickets get scanned twice, or patrons show up on the wrong night. With Event Organizer, you’ll never guess again. Get real-time attendance monitoring, straight from your mobile device.

Want faster payouts? The answer is Simple.

With SimpleTix, you’ll never wait days or weeks for a payout check again. Easy integration with popular gateways—and instant payment—mean you’ll see money faster.

Get Instant Payouts

Keep your cash-flow healthy—when a customer buys today, it’s in your account tomorrow.

Say No to Surprises

No hidden charges or exorbitant fees. Lowest ticket fees in the industry.