Sick of high fees & waiting for your payouts?

For arts organizations like yours, there’s no better choice than SimpleTix. It’s free to use—you pay just 79¢ + 2% per ticket sold. And you’ll get paid instantly with Square, Stripe, PayPal, and others… Not days after your event. Can Eventbrite say that?

Here’s how much

You’ll Save With SimpleTix


SimpleTix fee


Eventbrite Professional fee


Total Savings


We’ve Got Your Business In Mind

SimpleTix offers a flat rate per-ticket fee—with no hidden costs and no setup fees. That means you can charge what you want for tickets… Without worrying about paying too much in extra costs.

$0.79 + 2%

per sold ticket

Instant payouts
3.7% + $1.79

per sold ticket

Instant payouts

*Comparison based on Eventbrite's published pricing as of September 2019. Please visit Eventbrite's pricing page or contact Eventbrite for their complete pricing information. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

EventBrite Professional's Pricing is $1.79 + 3.7% per ticket (without any maximum fee limit) plus 2.9% merchant processing per transaction. Eventbrite does not refund their fee for ticket refunds.

EventBrite's entry level pricing (Essentials package) is $1.79 + 3.7% per ticket (without any maximum fee limit) plus 2.9% merchant processing per transaction.

EventBrite's packages vary. SimpleTix Pricing is $0.79 + 2% per ticket.

Please visit our pricing page for a cost calculation for your event.

Lower Fees.
Better Features.

Compare SimpleTix and Eventbrite side-by-side and you’ll agree—we’re simply better.

On-Site Payments?
Work With the Equipment You Already Have

We are the only ticketing solution that works with the Square payment processor—we’re a preferred partner—and Boca ticket printers. That means you can use our Box Office app from the start to make on-site payments a breeze. Just use your Square card reader to accept credit or debit—Box Office handles the rest and prints to Boca in a snap.

Make Your Event Portal Shine!

SimpleTix gives you total control over the way your users see your ticket site. With SimpleTix, your pages are custom-branded to your organization without any distractions. You can’t say the same about Eventbrite.

Create Your Event

Our easy-to-use platform makes ticketing incredibly easy. Set up your event and start selling in minutes.

Promote & Sell Tickets

Customer-friendly features make it easy for attendees to select tickets, check out, and download their eTickets—right from your website.

Manage Your Event

Track sales, retrieve info, and even take payments—all from your smartphone. Plus, with our Box Office app, you can easily sell on-site.

Eventbrite Cares About Eventbrite.
SimpleTix Cares About You.

It’s not just our per-ticket fee that sets SimpleTix apart from Eventbrite…

An Eventbrite Page Looks Like This

That’s an Eventbrite page to the left. In the teal area you’ll put your event information. But then what’s that below? Other people’s events! Some may not conflict with yours, but some definitely might.

Here’s the point: why would you want to advertise someone else’s business—or even lose your ticket sale—by promoting other events on your own page? That’s why your SimpleTix page will never promote someone else’s event.

Unfortunately, It Gets Worse…

Yep, that’s an Eventbrite logo on the top of your page. Now maybe you don’t care. But maybe you don’t want someone else’s logo up there. Maybe you’re putting on a black-tie gala and a giant Eventbrite logo looks crass.

Maybe you just resent someone else’s advertising on your page. Either way… if you think it’s tacky, SimpleTix is a better alternative. With us, the first thing your attendees will see is you.

At SimpleTix, We Think These Things Matter

Did you know that a typical Eventbrite page has nearly 15 links to other things on the Eventbrite site? Not SimpleTix—the most visible link your attendees will see is your "Get Tickets" link.

Best of All, Your Event is Your Event

When you use SimpleTix to sell tickets and manage your event, your attendees will see your logo, branding, and colors—not ours. And we’ll never market to your ticket-buyers.

  1. No branding
  2. No unnecessary links
  3. Lowest ticket fees
  1. Heavy EventBrite branding
  2. Links to build your own event
  3. Links to find other events
  4. High ticket fees

Why Pay More For Less?

At 3.7% + $1.79 —and no top limit on a maximum fee per ticket. — it just doesn't make sense to use Eventbrite. Choose SimpleTix and you could save thousands on their high fees.

Eventbrite Professional charges a ticketing fee of $1.79 + 3.7% per ticket with no maximum fee per ticket or registration. You can choose who pays the fee (either you or your attendees), but Eventbrite always charges it… And always receives the money.

If you want to set and keep all
ticketing fees, you’ll love Simpletix.

Simpletix ticketing fees are just 79¢ + 2% per ticket that are charged directly to you, not your buyers. If you want to add a ticketing fee to your page, you can set it to whatever you want and them keep 100% of it.