Drive-In Theater Ticketing Software

The best ticketing solution for your drive-in theater

Whether you run just one small drive-in theater or you manage multiple screens, SimpleTix has you covered. Our tools let you make the most out of each and every showing.

Customers pick their own parking spots

Our custom parking charts let you assign certain types of vehicles to certain areas of your theater. For instance, you may want to relegate taller vehicles to the back rows, so they don’t block the view of smaller cars. Our team will work with you to build a parking map tailored to fit your venue—same day, at no cost.

See an example parking map
Avoid the bottleneck with group check-ins

Avoid the bottleneck with group check-ins

Scanning every ticket in a car of five moviegoers is a pain for your staff and a longer wait for attendees—but not anymore. Tickets bought in a group can be scanned in using a single QR code. One car, one scan, without even rolling down the window. How much simpler could it be? No other ticketing app offers this time-saving feature.

Watch: How to admit a whole group with 1 scan
Engage with attendees after the credits have rolled

Engage with attendees after the credits have rolled

Using the contact info gathered through online sales, you can send mass emails to attendees that include a survey question about what movie they’d like to see next. You may even send them a promo code for their next visit.

Watch: Email past attendees about a new event
Create a fully branded experience

Create a fully branded experience

Unlike other platforms, SimpleTix keeps your event at the forefront of our platform. We don’t clutter your event page, tickets, or emails with unnecessary logos, colors, or promotions for SimpleTix or other events. We believe your event should be about you. We give you more control over photos and branding than any other ticketing tool out there.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!