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It's absolutely free to post and promote your free events using our best-in-class features.*

Special $5 and below pricing

We offer a flat fee of $0.25 for all tickets priced $5 or below. That means keeping your ticket cost as low as possible for your customers!

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Pass on Fees, Pay Nothing for Paid Events

You can choose to pass on SimpleTix service fee and credit card processing fee to your attendees.

Ticket Price

$100 Your attendees will pay
$100 You will receive

The fees include $2.79 SimpleTix service fee and $3.20 credit card processing fee.

SimpleTix Pricing Plan

Online 79¢ + 2% per ticket

$0.79 + 2% for all tickets purchased online. (Capped at $9.99)

  • No setup fees, no monthly fees, and no contracts.
  • Unlimited ticket types (e.g. "General Admission")
  • Immediate payouts to your merchant account
  • Ability to pass on fees to ticket buyers
  • Reserved seat events with pick-your-own-seat
  • Accept Donations (Zero service fees)
  • Send attendee email notifications
  • Ticket specific questions
  • Invite only events
  • Customer success manager
  • Product training
The new Square Stand - Gen 2

On-site 25¢ per ticket

Just 25¢ for all tickets sold on-site.

  • Use the SimpleTix Event Organizer App
  • Works with any Square credit card reader
  • Sell items from your Square catalog
  • Sell items from your Square catalog
  • Star Bluetooth printer support
  • iOS & Android support
  • No fees for merchandise sales
  • No fee for free tickets

Frequently Asked Questions

SimpleTix service fees on free tickets on general admission and flex pass events are always free. There are absolutely no hidden costs. SimpleTix allows free ticket levels if the event meets our requirements. For example, we cannot make multi-day/multi-event time tickets free. We are happy to give you a quote! For reserved seat mode events - we charge a smalll $0.25 fee on free tickets to offset our higher costs.

It’s completely free to sign up with SimpleTix and post your event. There are no setup, monthly or ongoing charges. We will even build your seating charts for free. SimpleTix will only charge a fee when attendees pay money to buy a ticket or register for your event.

SimpleTix charges a service fee only for events where you charge your attendees to register. This fee varies based on your selected plan (Normal or Premium). If you are on a normal plan, you will be charged 2% + 0.79 per sold ticket / registration and this fee is capped at a maximum of $9.99 regardless of what you charge your attendees. Our fee is capped at a maximum of $9.99.

Apart from SimpleTix's service fees, you will also be charged payment processing fees depending on your selected payment processor.

SimpleTix supports many popular gateways including Square, Stripe, PayPal, Heartland, and Please refer to your processor’s website for applicable processing fees for your specific location and currency.

Square offers a lower rate of 2.6% for in-person payments when using our Event Organizer mobile app.

When you use Square (USA account only), Stripe, or PayPal to collect payments, our service fee is deducted seamlessly during the transactions, and this is by far the most convenient approach.

For all other payment methods including other payment processors (, Braintree, SafeSave, NMI, SimPay, Square Canada, Square United Kingdom, Square Australia) as well as offline registrations (check, cash, bank transfers) we will charge your credit card the 1st of the following month for tickets sold.

Yes, you can choose to either absorb SimpleTix’s service fee or pass it on directly to your attendees.

Yes, SimpleTix offers 10% off on our fee for non-profit organizations. This discount is applied on the platform fee and not on the credit card processing fee. Create your event page and send the event name and your username (email address registered on SimpleTix) to to receive the 10% discount.

SimpleTix partners: Zapier and SalesForce offer discounted plans for charities that we recommend that you sign up for.

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