SimpleTix & Salesforce

Finally, Managing Ticket Campaigns Is Simple

Seemless integration with Donor CRM Software

Automatically integrate your ticket data into Salesforce in 5 simple steps

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It's one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

SimpleTix integrates with Salesforce to merge event participation with the rest of a customer’s profile.

1. Order Complete

When a SimpleTix order completes, you can trigger a purpose-built Zapier integration. It’s already been created for you—you just need to set it up once.

Salesforce and SimpleTix were made for each other

2. Find Or Create New Contact

Salesforce attempts to find an existing contact it can attach the order to. If it can’t, a new contact will be automatically created based on the SimpleTix order data.

Find Or Create New Contact

3. Find Or Create New Account

In the same way, Salesforce will attempt to find an existing organization to match the order. Otherwise it will create a new account in the same way it created a new contact.

Find Or Create New Contact

4. Create Salesforce Opportunity

Running a complicated campaign? Automatically create an opportunity each time an order comes in, with name, stage, related account, and more.

Create Salesforce Opportunity

5. Update the Contact

Finally, Salesforce updates the contact by adding the Account and Opportunity.

Update the Salesforce Contact

Salesforce and SimpleTix were made for each other

View a contact in Salesforce and see all the events they've attended in the past… Send email to contacts who haven’t yet bought tickets—prepopulated with discount codes, customer information, ticket levels and other information… And more!

Salesforce and SimpleTix were made for each other

Case Study: Fondation Montréal

Julia Khon, the founder of una buro, is a Salesforce Certified Solutions Guide for Nonprofits. She has assisted Fondation Montréal with its events. Julia uses SimpleTix because she can manually keep the organization’s Salesforce account in sync. As orders come in, she creates new contacts, leads, and opportunities for them Salesforce.. This saves the organization hours of manual entry. The Zapier integration automatically checks to see whether the data collected by SimpleTix already exists before adding it to Salesforce.

Case Study: Fondation Montréal

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