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Connecting with the apps you already use.

Zapier is a SimpleTix premium integration that allows you to connect SimpleTix to other apps you already use. This integration requires no technical knowledge and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Order details are instantly transferred. As soon as an order is placed, SimpleTix will automatically pass order details to another different application such as Saleforce or MailChimp. You can find a list of all the applications that support Zapier here.

How can you use this integration?
Here are just a few examples from our users:


Add attendees to a mailing list in MailChimp

Example: Type C Productions captures the email address from each new order and automatically adds them to their MailChimp Audience.

Add attendees to a mailing list in MailChimp

Create a new lead in Salesforce

SimpleTix allows you to advertise sponsors on each eTicket. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your organization's members.

Create a new lead in Salesforce

Add an attendee to a new row on a Google Sheet

Quick connection to Zapier lets you integrate with dozens of apps. Or connect directly with payment gateways, marketing software like ActiveCampaign, and CRMs like SalesForce.

Add an attendee to a new row on a Google Sheet

Case Study: Fondation Montréal

Julia Khon, the founder of una buro, is a Salesforce Certified Solutions Guide for Nonprofits. She has assisted Fondation Montréal with its events. Julia uses SimpleTix because she can manually keep the organization’s Salesforce account in sync. As orders come in, she creates new contacts, leads, and opportunities for them Salesforce.. This saves the organization hours of manual entry. The Zapier integration automatically checks to see whether the data collected by SimpleTix already exists before adding it to Salesforce.

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