Combining Registration and Payment for a Club Event

It’s winter time in British Columbia and that means one thing — skiing! The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club is a community of more than 1,000 skiiers who share access to trails, equipment, and facilities in Prince George, British Columbia.

The club holds events for its members throughout the year and recently used SimpleTix to move the registration process online to save time and money over other vendors.

They were familiar with Square and were looking for a way to combine it with event registration for the Moonlight Snowshow event. SimpleTix allowed them to do that by providing a registration page that also collected payment at different tiers for club members and nonmembers.


Canadian payment platforms like Beanstream and Moneris can take over a week to setup an account on. There’s also setup fees and monthly fees. With Square the new account took minutes to setup and there’s no setup or monthly fees.

The club was able to set everything up themselves and said the process could not have gone more smoothly.

“It took less than 10 minutes to setup our entire event page,” said John Bowes, Pesident of the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.

Through their SimpleTix account, the club can monitor registrations and payments in real-time and have that information available to check people in on the day of the event.

The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club is one of many athletic groups that use SimpleTix to manage their event registrations. We offer the lowest prices in the industry and combine payment with event registration.

For a club like this one, that means more of its members hard-earned money is going toward an unnecessary expense.

The nonmember ticket price for the Moonlight Snowshoe is $25. The transaction fee on each  SimpleTix purchase is just $0.99, compared to $2.62 from Eventbrite.


Money collected from ticket purchases is instantly transferred to the club’s Square account and available to move into their bank account the next business day. This allows for the club to use those funds to pay for pre-event expenses, rather than fronting the money from another source and being reimbursed later.

It’s a win-win for the club and its members and allows them to spend more time planning a great event and less time thinking about how to collect money for it.

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