Timed Entry Ticketing Software for Any Venue and Experience

Sell timed entry passes or tickets to avoid overcrowding and keep guests safe.

Social distancing guidelines so you can stay open

Social distancing guidelines so you can stay open .

Build a ticketing portal and sell passes quickly. Add time slots, guest counts, and more, to ensure the health and safety of your staff and guests.

Whether you’re a park, zoo, museum, or any other venue, SimpleTix enables you to sell tickets while implementing timed entry. You can continue welcoming guests while preventing your venue from getting too crowded.

Set different time slots and cap your guest count

With timed entry, it’s easy to add and edit time slots for your venue. SimpleTix enables you to set up the time and duration of each visit, limit group sizes, and cap the capacity of each slot. By limiting the number of attendees, you can prevent overcrowding and your guests can enjoy themselves without worrying about being around too many people.

Set a buffer between time slots

SimpleTix keeps the flow of visitors safe and smooth. Our software lets you set a buffer between time slots, giving your guests enough time to exit the location without being rushed. Buffers also allow your team to clean up and sanitize the venue to prepare it for the next round of customers.

SimpleTix Supports You…

Offer contactless ticket scanning

SimpleTix’s kiosk mode enables attendees to scan tickets when they arrive. All they need to do is point their eTicket QR code to your device’s camera, and they’ll be good to go. SimpleTix makes an audible tone indicating whether a ticket is valid or not, so your staff can stay at a safe distance and approach guests only when necessary.

Timed entry makes it easy to implement contact tracing

In the event that one or more of your venue’s visitors test positive for COVID-19, you can easily contact guests who were at your location at the same time as those visitors. SimpleTix enables you to export your attendee lists so you can identify and send notifications to the right people.

Built to give you what you need

SimpleTix and Square are always working to create new, convenient features that make it simpler to run your event or attraction and make more money. By integrating widely with dozens of other tools and platforms, SimpleTix can fit seamlessly into the other programs you use to run your operation.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!