The Eventbrite Alternative That
Could Save You Thousands

When you think “ticketing,” you probably think “Eventbrite.”

It’s true, Evenbrite is the biggest name in the industry, but when you work with Eventbrite, they’re in control. Eventbrite’s ticketing tools are designed to promote and benefit Eventbrite just as much as your event—if not more.

But using an Eventbrite alternative can put the power back in your hands. SimpleTix is an Eventbrite alternative that simplifies ticketing to give you more control, drive more revenue, and deliver a better attendee experience.

  1. No branding
  2. No unnecessary links
  3. Lowest ticket fees
  1. Heavy EventBrite branding
  2. Links to build your own event
  3. Links to find other events
  4. High ticket fees

Eventbrite Alternatives Increase Your Bottom Line

Have you ever tried to price Eventbrite for your event? There’s a reason Eventbrite doesn’t place their prices out front on their website. To even view their pricing packages, you have to create an account and create an event. Things like fees, payout schedules, and pricing for more complicated events are even harder to seek out.

SimpleTix pays out instantly.

If you’re like most event organizers, you use proceeds from pre-sale tickets to fund other aspects of your event, like concessions, security, and more. No matter how far in advance you sell tickets to your events, Eventbrite holds your proceeds until weeks after your event has ended. Eventbrite may also withhold a percentage of your funds due to no fault of your own.

At best, delayed payouts make it more complicated to organize your event. At worst, delayed payouts put you at unnecessary risk by forcing you to extend yourself financially to cover other event costs.

An Eventbrite alternative will likely pay out sooner. SimpleTix pays out instantly. The moment someone buys a ticket, their payment hits your account.

With instant payouts, you have more clarity around your budget, and you can use your funds to make your event even more spectacular.

SimpleTix offersa lower per-ticket fee.

Of any Eventbrite alternative, SimpleTix’s fee structure is less complicated and less costly.

Eventbrite’s “Professional” package charges a $1.59 flat fee per ticket, plus 3.5% of your ticket’s total cost.

  • For a $20 ticket, Eventbrite would keep $2.29 — almost 12% of your ticket price.

In addition, if you refund a customer for their ticket purchaser, Eventbrite doesn’t return the fee for that ticket. Eventbrite doesn’t place a cap on their fees, either, so there’s no limit to what you might pay.

At SimpleTix, you’ll pay a $0.79 flat fee, plus 2% of your ticket price.

  • For that same $20 ticket, you’d pay just $1.19 with SimpleTix.

No hidden fees, no fine print, more money in your pocket.

Full disclosure: Eventbrite’s most basic package offers the same rate as SimpleTix on the surface ($0.79 + 2%).

With this basic Eventbrite package, event organizers can’t create multiple ticket types like early bird prices or children’s prices. They can’t offer reserved seating or group reservations. They can’t use an embeddable ticket sales widget to sell tickets on their own website.

At SimpleTix, we offer these features and more to all of our customers with no upcharge.

SimpleTix is Square Compatible.

Many Eventbrite alternatives offer lower prices than Eventbrite, but SimpleTix is the most flexible and versatile Eventbrite alternative that works in partnership with Square payment processing.

Chances are, you’ve encountered a Square point-of-sales system before, and you know how Square allows you to take payments on-site through a simple card reader that works with a mobile phone or tablet. With Square, you can make a ticket sale almost as quickly as scanning in a pre-sale attendee, making for minimal lines and wait times at the gate.

Our Square partnership allows customers to pay with Apple Pay and Android Pay, contactless payments, and chip card payments. 

Eventbrite, on the other hand, doesn’t accept Square or Stripe payments, nor does Eventbrite support Square card readers.

Other key integrations

  • SimpleTix is just as easy to use with Stripe payment systems.
  • SimpleTix also works with Boca ticket printers. When a customer buys a ticket on-site, that ticket will automatically print from your Boca ticket printer.
  • SimpleTix integrates with Zoom to help you organize a seamless online event.
  • SimpleTix integrates with MailChimp, Salesforce, Zapier and other organizational tools to gain insights about your attendees and market your next event.

An Eventbrite Alternative Will Focus on Your Event

With Eventbrite’s “Professional” package, you’ll be allowed to create a website promoting your event and sell tickets online.

Just know that your event will take a back seat to Eventbrite’s branding and promotions.

  1. No branding
  2. No unnecessary links
  3. Lowest ticket fees
  1. Heavy EventBrite branding
  2. Links to build your own event
  3. Links to find other events
  4. High ticket fees

With Eventbrite, it’s not your event. It’s Eventbrite’s event.

Your Eventbrite event page will be cluttered with Eventbrite logos, links, and promotions.

  • An Eventbrite wordmark linking to Eventbrite’s site.
  • A link to browse other events.
  • A link for your customer to create their own event.
  • A link for your customer to sign into their Eventbrite account.
  • Advertisements for other events on the entire bottom half of your page.

The other events being promoted may not conflict with yours… but there’s no guarantee they won’t. Even if the promoted events don’t take place on the same day or time, it’s hard to argue those events aren’t bidding for your potential customer’s money, right there on your own event page.

At the very least, all the Eventbrite clutter (15 off-site links in all) distracts from the objective of your page — selling tickets to your event.

Any Eventbrite alternative worth considering will put your event first. SimpleTix gives you total control over your ticket site. Photos, colors, branding, details about your event and more are yours to dictate through our easy-to-use website builder.

Most importantly, our event sites provide a clear path to purchase tickets quickly and easily on mobile devices, desktops, and everything in between.

Already have a site for your event? SimpleTix’s easily embeddable widget can bring our convenient sales functionality to your existing site.

Eventbrite alternatives come without the fine print.

Eventbrite uses your event to their advantage in less obvious ways, too. When you read the fine print, you’ll see that Eventbrite is collecting way more than ticketing fees.

When you sign a deal with Eventbrite, you give Eventbrite permission to access your attendee’s information and share it with whomever they want.

When an attendee buys a ticket on your Eventbrite event site, Eventbrite can track where attendees go to from there to target them with more ads and other offers.

Even though your attendees signed up for your event, they’ll start getting Eventbrite’s emails and promotions.

At SimpleTix, we don’t take advantage of you or your attendees. Our platform helps you collect contact information and other details about your ticket purchasers, but that information is yours to use in marketing your next event. We’ll never send promotional emails to your attendees.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to sell tickets to your event. We want it to be so easy that you want to throw another one.

SimpleTix delivers real customer service.

Unless you upgrade to Eventbrite’s Premium tier, you won’t be allowed to speak to a real person—not through the website’s chatbot, not through a contact form, not through a phone number, nothing.

At every turn, Eventbrite directs you to their knowledge base. Though it seems extensive, some pages are broken. If you can’t find what you need, there’s no recourse to ask for more help or give feedback stating that the information is insufficient.

An Eventbrite alternative gives you more hands-on support. At SimpleTix, we go the extra mile to understand our clients’ events and goals. We help our clients set up their events and make sure they know how to make adjustments within our intuitive platform.

If they need additional help, they know they can reach out to us through email or schedule a live troubleshooting session with our support team.

A recent SimpleTix client signed up for our platform on a Saturday, and by Sunday had a custom seating chart for the event. 

We offer plenty of helpful content on our website and our YouTube channel to help our clients get the most out of our ticketing platform. Our content isn’t just about navigating our platform. We provide tips and strategies for throwing better, smoother events. We work with event organizers on a daily basis to help them implement a ticketing structure that fits their event perfectly.

As we help clients solve unique challenges, we upgrade our platform to make those changes standard, so SimpleTix is always evolving and improving.

It doesn’t take much digging to find the problems attendees frequently encounter with Eventbrite. On and, for instance, users have rated Eventbrite only 1.2 stars out of 5.

Complaints range from problems with confirmation of ticket purchases to the inability to make changes to their tickets, as well as issues with online events. Both attendees and organizers alike advise using an Eventbrite alternative.

SimpleTix lets ticket purchasers change their ticket details on their own.

If your ticket holder wants to change the day or timeslot of their ticket, they can make that change quickly and easily in the SimpleTix Attendee app. With this feature, you’ll spend far less time fielding calls and changing ticket statuses manually.

SimpleTix lets you keep customers in the loop.

If your event needs to be rescheduled, you can unilaterally make changes to ticket times from the organizer platform. You can reflect these changes immediately on your event site and send communications letting ticket holders know about the alteration.

SimpleTix gives you control.

With SimpleTix, you can customize your registration forms and receipts, set your own refund policy, offer special ticket options and packages, ask for donations, and more.

Ultimately, many issues your customers may have with Eventbrite are beyond your control. However, customers will associate their grief with you and your event, causing them to think twice about attending your next event.

At SimpleTix, Our Success is Proven

For your attendees, making that ticket purchase is a moment of excitement. A ticket makes it real for them. Without it, they can’t experience your event, and you can’t collect revenue. A smoothly functioning ticket system is the foundation of a seamless, well-run event.

So many pain points surrounding events can be solved with SimpleTix.

  • Allowing online ticket sales lets customers buy tickets any time, driving more sales and maximizing your pre-event budget.
  • Lines and wait times can be drastically reduced with our scan-and-go integration with Square.
  • If an attendee forgets their ticket, you can look them up by name and check them in.
  • Pre-sales give you a better picture of what to expect, making it easier to allocate staff, catering, parking and other resources more efficiently.
  • Digital tickets let customers make changes on their own, eliminating the need to manually change their ticket details yourself.
  • Social distancing and timed entry procedures can be built into your ticketing.

At SimpleTix, we work with organizers of all kinds, from non-profit historical sites to food and beverage festivals, from zoos to drive-in movie theaters. Our clients range dramatically in size, budget, and experience.

  • For the Left Edge Theater, we helped sell season passes and tickets for 36 events at a rate 92% cheaper than Eventbrite.
  • San Francisco State University tripled their ticket sales and saved $196,000 by switching to SimpleTix.
  • The Buffalo Zoo in Buffalo, N.Y., sold almost 134,000 tickets through the SimpleTix platform for a savings of 52% over their previous ticket provider.

Success lies in simplicity, no matter the scale. Of all the Eventbrite alternatives, no one makes ticketing as simple as SimpleTix.

To see how simple it could be, try creating your own event for free, or schedule a meeting with our team to tell us more about your event.