The Best Ticket Printer Yet! Zebra GC420

The best ticket printer yet! Zebra GC420

Over the years we’ve compared many types of box office point-of-purchase ticket printers. The Boca ticket printer is great, however it’s expensive and takes a few weeks to ship out after being ordered. The Epson T88V has a low price, easy to use, however the tickets feel very “cheap” due to the receipt paper’s thinness.

The Zebra GC420 gives you the best mix: low price, easy to use, ships same day you order, and offers a quality ticket.

Zebra GC420 Boca Epson
 Paper Stock Card Stock Ticket  Card Stock Ticket  Receipt
 Size  2.5″ X 4″  2″ X 6″  3.25″ Wide
 MSRP  $500  $1,500  $400
 Ship Time  Same day  3 Weeks  Same Day

In the GC420™ label printer, affordability meets high quality. This direct-thermal printer’s compact, space-saving design contains a powerful 32-bit processor for fast label throughput with a large memory for more graphics storage, longer label formats, and faster processing on media up to 104mm wide.

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Using Boca Style Tickets

Using Boca Style Tickets

  Thermal tickets are printed for movies, theater performances, sporting events, festivals and museums. Want the same ticket-printing capabilities as a pro sports stadium or top movie chain? You can do this with SimpleTix. You will need a Boca ticket printer.…

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