Event Ticketing

Online event ticketing will make up an estimated $6.8 billion industry in 2022.

As you can imagine, for those managing events or festivals, or those seeking other types of attendance revenue, this spells a massive opportunity for growing your bottom line and building a profitable model for ticket sales into the future.

Online purchasing has been a growing industry for the past decade, but it has been supercharged by the health safety precautions customers and businesses have taken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet it is likely that more and more customers will grow to prefer contactless online sale options as the digital economy continues to evolve.

Inevitably, if you’re selling tickets, you should be considering online ticketing apps.

At first glance, it may seem like any app will do the job, so long as your potential customers can buy their tickets online. But the fact is that not all event ticketing software can offer the functionality you need, nor help you maximize your revenue for both online pre-sales and in-person ticket purchases.

SimpleTix is a digital ticketing app that streamlines ticket sales, offers a customized yet simple-to-navigate experience for you and your attendees, and puts more money in your pocket.

Here are some of the top online ticketing must-haves to make your event a success.


  • Puts more money in your pocket
  • Streamlines your operations
  • Helps promote your event
  • Adapts to your needs
  • Pairs with Your Payment System
Event ticketing puts more money in your pocket

Puts More Money in Your Pocket

The bottom line is that running events costs money. With major expenses like venues and staffing, vendors, catering, and marketing and promotion, the numbers quickly add up. Event ticketing software platforms should ensure you maximize online sales—but also give you access to ticket revenue as soon as possible.

Instant Payouts

Ticket pre-sales provide critical revenue for event organizers to help cover costs and meet their financial goals. You may naturally assume that event ticketing apps will transfer that revenue to you without delay, since digital payments occur instantaneously.

Yet many ticket sales platforms hold your ticket revenue until the event is over, for days or sometimes weeks. This ties up important funds and can cause bottlenecks in your budget.

When someone buys a ticket to your event through SimpleTix, that money instantly goes into your account. This frees up funds to help pay for both the expected and unexpected event expenses that may arise.

SimpleTix’s instant payouts give you access to your profits as they come in, giving you more control and flexibility to pull off your event.

Lower fees

The service fees for using certain ticketing platforms can add up to a sizable loss in potential revenue. Usually this fee comes as a flat rate per ticket, plus a percentage of the total price.

SimpleTix offers one of the best rates out there. At a rate of $0.79 per ticket plus 2% of the ticket’s total price, SimpleTix puts far more money in your pocket.

Other event ticketing platforms charge significantly more. Eventbrite, for instance, charges $1.59 per ticket and 3.5% of the ticket’s total price.

With SimpleTix, there is no upfront cost — you can create your event website right now, for free. You won’t be charged a thing until you sell a ticket, and there are no ongoing subscription fees.

In addition to lower fees, SimpleTix has a $9.99 fee cap. Any ticket over $200 will never cost more than $9.99 in fees for you.

SimpleTix also offers an on-site-only pricing plan of $0.25 per ticket.

For large venues with frequent events, we offer a premium plan for $49 per month that reduces ticket fees to $0.49 per ticket with a 1.5% fee per ticket sold.

Streamlines Your Operation

While ticket pre-sales will be a first point of contact for many ticket purchasers, your on-site operations will give attendees an impression of the experience they’re likely to have at your events. By creating a positive experience from the very beginning, they’ll more likely come back for future events.

Tickets purchased online with SimpleTix will provide patrons a QR code they can print or display on their phone to scan during entry. If a patron loses their ticket, gate staff can use software to find their information and quickly check them in manually.

A smooth, organized on-site experience lets you check in event goers quickly. For on-site sales, you can rely less on cash by using SimpleTix’s integrated Square payment system. Using your Square payment device attached to a tablet or other smart device, you can take on-site purchases quickly and easily. Square takes Apple Pay and Android Pay, chip cards, and contactless payments.

SimpleTix also integrates with other systems such as Boca ticket printers, Zapier, SalesForce, and even Excel.

Helps Promote Your Event

Event managers must find ways to promote their events and drive the most attendance possible.

The right event ticketing software provides promotional tools for your events while also helping you boost revenue.

SimpleTix lets you build an event-dedicated website to pre-sell your tickets digitally with a high level of customization. That means you choose the site’s branding, color schemes, images, and event details.

Unlike other ticketing software, SimpleTix won’t bog your page down with its own branding and promotions, but instead puts your event front and center.

You can easily share a link to your ticket page on social media to boost awareness and online engagement. The best software also gives you a QR code you can add to posters and promotions for your special events, leading directly to your ticket page.

If you already have your own website, SimpleTix allows you to link to these pages and add a widget for your ticket page.

When you collect data about your event goers, SimpleTix gives you the ability to leverage that information with mass email capabilities. By sending emails leading up to your event, you can build buzz about your event and encourage word-of-mouth.

With SimpleTix’s communication capabilities, you can also:

  • Send followup surveys
  • Ask event-specific questions at checkout
  • Provide important updates about events such as health guidelines or weather cancellations.

Ticket purchasers can also view a list of upcoming events using your ticketing software on their smart devices.

Event ticketing helps get it done

Adapts to Your Needs

No two events are built alike. Event ticketing apps should adapt to the specific needs of each event you hold, and provide enough flexibility to provide ticket packaging and attendance planning you need.

With SimpleTix, ticket purchasers can easily buy multiple ticket types, such as:

  • Special events or multi-day events
  • Early bird specials
  • Regular attendance
  • Membership pricing
  • Seasonal deals
  • Child or senior pricing
  • Veterans’ discounts
  • Upsells and add-ons

Customers can change the time and date of their tickets using event software without having to call your customer support or create more responsibilities for your staff.

Event ticketing software helps you maintain health and safety guidelines for members, guests, and staff with features like

Timed entry and capacity management to minimize crowd size and better anticipate guest attendance needs, such as arranging social distancing or assigning staff to groups to different locations in a venue space.

Mass email capabilities to communicate with guests about up-to-date health guidelines and send documents such as waivers they need to sign.

A real-time, time-stamped list of attendees to ensure you’re able to manage capacity limits and have a constant overview of attendance volume, as well as aid in contact tracing, should one of your attendees later show symptoms.

Festival Mode

If you’re hosting multiple festivals or events, guests can use SimpleTix to buy tickets for all events at once, rather than checking out for each event individually. This makes it easier for festival attendees to buy more tickets and have a frictionless experience purchasing from your organization.

If a ticket holder wants to change the day or timeslot of their event, they usually have to contact the organizer and have the organizer manually change their ticket status.

With SimpleTix, ticket holders can customize ticket purchases with one simple click within the SimpleTix app. Festival Mode lets customers buy tickets for all dates or specific dates in one single order.

Pairs With Your Payment System

Event ticketing platforms should pair with the payment systems your attendees prefer, and provide flexibility and versatility. SimpleTix pairs perfectly with your payment system. Our software integrates with over a dozen different payment gateways including Square, Stripe, Authorize.net, and others.

SimpleTix’s partnership with Square allows for instant payouts for your ticket sales, but it comes with numerous other benefits, too.

SimpleTix’s Square integration allows you to take on-site purchases the way attendees prefer, be it Apple Pay, Android Pay, chip cards, or contactless payments.

Square gift cards allow customers to gift tickets, torus, and memberships without being tied to a specific date. You can also allow ticketholders to receive a refund in the form of a Square gift card, which can be issued immediately and lets you keep ticket revenue.

With SimpleTix, cash refunds can be issued immediately, something virtually no other event ticketing platform offers.

SimpleTix allows you to sell tickets, merchandise, and concessions all in one platform, and conveniently places revenue from all these sources into one account, without charging its own fees for this.

Selling tickets should be the easiest part of throwing your event. At SimpleTix, we’ve created our platform to put the power in your hands.

To see how simple it could be, try creating your own event for free, or schedule a meeting with our team to tell us more about your event.