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Gift Card Backend Fullfillment

Selling Gift Cards Online


Lanier Islands has been using SimpleTix to sell tickets online for four years now. They sell tickets for Beach Access, Winter Activities, and Summer Concerts throughout the year.

They recently began selling gift cards during the holiday season.  Each gift card is physically mailed out to the buyer by a an order fulfillment department. This department is different from the events department so they do not normally access the SimpleTix system.

Every Event is Unique

At SimpleTix many of our clients have unique business requirements. To support the special cases, we built-in a feature called “web hooks”. Using
web hooks we can setup all of the business rules and processes without effecting the core SimpleTix platform.

For Lanier Islands we setup a web hook that scans each order to see if it contains a gift card.

Special Order Fulfillment Alerts


What are the benefits?

When an order is found to contain an a gift card we email the order fulfillment team. This email contains the specific gift cards to mail as well as the shipping address.

  • Order fulfillment team does not have to keep checking all incoming orders
  • Mobile & tablet friendly – so staff any simply check their devices
  • Order fulfillment team does not need access to the SimpleTix site
  • No additonal personnel training is needed

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