How to Build Brand Awareness Through Festivals

Whether your festival features live music, local craft beers or performance art, SimpleTix can help you boost brand recognition as you bring together like-minded people from all over the world.

On a recent trip to New Zealand, SimpleTix staff met with festival producers and event planners to find out how they could better serve their clients in the rapidly growing festival market.

The answer was clear. When bringing people together through the power of festival, brands were looking for…    

  • Easy, proven ways to increase brand recognition in the local community and beyond
  • A simple, yet powerful, ticketing solution that could handle complex festivals with lots of moving parts
  • Low service fees and credit card processing rates to keep festival costs manageable

SimpleTix partnered with beer festivals and music festivals throughout New Zealand to create a seamless ticketing solution that enhanced the festival experience and helped the festival producers achieve their financial and marketing goals.

AUM Productions chose SimpleTix as their eticketing solution for a massive trance and electronic music festival that will take place in Auckland this February. Festival tickets include early bird, second release, and last chance options plus tickets to individual showcases and side events. AUM also wanted the option to give away free tickets to winners via social media, and to do it all for about half the cost of other payment solutions.

Thanks to SimpleTix’s latest integration with eWay, a low-cost payment processing solution, we were able to offer super-low credit card processing rates – even lower than PayPal. Even better, we were able to maintain those rates even when the festival’s ticketing needs grew more complex.

With more than a month to go until the music festival begins, AUM has already sold out two of their three ticketing options simply by using SimpleTix!

The Greater Wellington Brewday is another New Zealand festival using SimpleTix to sell more tickets online for less.

Where AUM’s festival was focused on bringing together liked-minded music fans, GW Brewday is focused on increasing brand awareness for dozens of local craft beers and breweries in the Greater Wellington area.

Festival producer Craft in a Glass Ltd. wanted a ticketing solution that would make it easy for local breweries to get exposure and connect with beer lovers in their community. They also wanted to sell bus and train tickets to the festival in tandem with selling festival tickets online.

Only SimpleTix was robust enough to keep up with the expanding needs of GW Brewday without increasing service costs. Thanks to our software’s ability to handle complex ticketing needs, such as bus and train tickets, festival producers have been able to offer attendees a one-stop ticketing solution right from their website. Festivalgoers can buy tickets to the event and book transportation all from a single ticket page, while saving on the overall cost of booking fees.

Holding a festival is a powerful way to engage your target market, help your customers connect with each other in person, and build awareness for your brand. But since every festival has a lot of moving parts, using a streamlined, customizable solution like SimpleTix is essential to your event’s success.

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