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The Event App Similar to Eventbrite – but Simpler

As an event manager or organizer, you have tickets to sell, social distancing guidelines to follow, and an event to run. Keeping everything organized from start to finish helps you create a memorable event. However, certain event management apps, such as Eventbrite, aren’t as streamlined as they need to be and cost a lot of money. Using an app similar to Eventbrite is the solution you didn’t know you needed.

SimpleTix offers a streamlined alternative to Eventbrite. It’s the less complicated solution for running your event. You get improved:

  • Event organization
  • Ticketing functionality
  • Social distancing ticketing
  • Payments for better budgeting
  • Communication with event attendees
  • Integration with 20 payment gateways

Effortless Event Organization Alternative to Eventbrite

Apps similar to eventbrite get higher reviews

Event management requires a huge investment of time. To get it right, you have to see the big picture as well as the details. Going back and forth with a complicated event platform takes the event specialist’s attention away from creating a memorable, well-organized event. If you’re an event specialist, you have almost certainly heard of, and possibly used, the Eventbrite platform.

Similar to Eventbrite, many ticketing apps let you create a website for your event, but few of them give you much control over branding and other elements.

You may have noticed the clunky aspects of Eventbrite’s user interface, and that your main page is covered in their branding. It’s pretty hard amid all that visual noise for your potential event participants to find the one thing they came for—tickets.

Using a fully integrated platform similar to Eventbrite, like SimpleTix, takes the chaos out of event organization, giving you more control and flexibility over ticket prices, capacity limits, discounts, and more. With SimpleTix, you get access to a straightforward event website designed to help you sell tickets to your event. What’s even better is that if you put on multiple events, you can advertise them all on the same page.

Communication is key to any successful event, especially in today’s world of constant information overload. You need to quickly and easily communicate changes to your event on your site. With SimpleTix, you can not only do that, but also send out an email blast to attendees. Plus, our alternative to Eventbrite makes social distancing ticketing easier than ever.

Get the Word Out about Your Event

Using this Eventbrite alternative helps you get your event in front of the right audience. You get an event QR code to put on posts and marketing materials, so people can scan the code quickly and easily. The QR code sends people directly to your ticket page. No hassles. No distractions.

If you have promos, special discounts, bundles, or multi-day events, the alternative to Eventbrite lets you structure your tickets for whatever your event needs. That even includes festival mode.

Sometimes your ticket holders may need to change their ticket details, which is added manual work for anyone using Eventbrite. With SimpleTix, ticket holders can change their ticket details on their own, saving you time.

Easily Run Your Event Using an Eventbrite Alternative

A ticketing platform similar to Eventbrite can help your event run smoothly on the day-of.

Convenience is a top priority for event managers and ticket holders alike. Nobody wants to spend extra money on paper and ink for printed tickets when nearly everyone has a smartphone. With the Eventbrite alternative, your event participants get an instant digital ticket, so they can scan from their phone. No more losing that critical, yet tiny piece of paper–unless, of course, participants want a paper ticket. For anyone who prefers a printed ticket, that option is still available. No matter what, entrance to the event will be easy.

Usually, there are a few people who wait until  the last minute to jump in and attend an event. This can be hard to manage if your event ticketing tool is clunky or not fully integrated with software to quickly react to last minute sales. SimpleTix’s functionality with Square lets them make fast work of on-site payments and minimize time-consuming cash handling.

It never fails. When you’re excited to get to an event, sometimes the ticket gets left by the door or dropped into a storm drain in the parking lot. The good news is if someone forgets their ticket, a SimpleTix staff member can check them in manually. Making your event stand out as top notch is important to our team.

Simple Payments Make Events More Successful

Platforms similar to eventbrite save you money.

Would you rather have to wait days or weeks to be paid for the event you organized, managed, and launched? Our guess is of course not. You and your event team worked hard planning and executing a successful event. When you have to wait for ticket sales and event funds to reach your bank account for weeks, it makes budgeting an absolute nightmare.

With apps similar to Eventbrite, you get your payout faster. With SimpleTix, you’ll receive funds immediately, allowing you to budget better for your event. You also get integration with 20 payment gateways, so your future participants can pay however they like.

If you’ve used Eventbrite before, you have experienced the sting of their lack of a cap on maximum fees. How are you supposed to get an idea of your return on investment when fees can continue to increase? With our Eventbrite alternative, you get a cap on maximum fees. In fact, SimpleTix’s fee rate is one of the best in the industry.

SimpleTix vs. Eventbrite

When it comes to simple usability, quick ticket sales, better budgeting, and a platform that easily organizes your event, the winner is clear. SimpleTix is the Eventbrite alternative event managers and organizers have always wanted. The success of your event is important to us. We treat your event and ticket sales like it’s our own.

Why settle for less than the best?

To see how simple ticketing could be, try creating your own event for free, or schedule a meeting with our team to tell us more about your event.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal,, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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