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August 6, 2021 - Posted in Editors pick, Event Planner, Eventbrite Alternative, Events

The Simplest Alternative to Eventbrite for Running Your Event

You’ve got your event planned, your venue secured, and your dates locked. Your initial thought may be to sell tickets through the ubiquitous Eventbrite; however, with a high cost burden and lack of control, it will be in your best interest to seek an Eventbrite alternative.

The ideal ticketing platform should be easy to use, accessible to all, and puts the event organizers and attendees first.

An alternative to Eventbrite will make pulling off your event easier than before, because you get to throw your event your way. With the right ticketing platform, you can save money and pull off the perfect event for your attendees.

Table of Contents

1. Organize Your Event with Ease

2. Events Should be Fun for Everyone – Including the Organizers

3. An Alternative to Eventbrite Pays Out Instantly with Lower Fees

Organize Your Event with Ease

An alternative to Eventbrite should give you more control for different aspects of your events while still being user-friendly.

Ticket Customization

alternative to eventbrite offers ticket customization

Custom ticket prices, bundles, and discounts will give your event an edge to potential guests. With infinite options and add-ons, ticket purchasers can find the right fit for their wants and needs.

SimpleTix allows for an infinite number of custom ticket discounts, bundles, and other modifications. Your event is unique, and you should be able to structure ticket pricing as you choose.

Event Website or Widget

SimpleTix offers users a straightforward event website to sell tickets or a widget to embed on their own page. Guests don’t need to download an app or look at branding that is not your own, or events you are not advertising like other platforms will do. You can also update the website yourself should anything change.

Purchasing tickets will often be the attendees’ first point of contact with your event, so you want their experience to be a positive and seamless one.

QR Codes

You should also seek an alternative to Eventbrite that generates a QR code for advertising. Thanks to updated camera phones and a need for contactless materials, the humble QR code recently became an everyday essential.

SimpleTix automatically creates a QR code for your event. You can use this code on posters, fliers, and other promotional materials to send potential attendees directly to your ticket page. They can just follow the QR code to your website and buy the tickets there.

Events Should be Fun for Everyone – Including the Organizers

Event organizers often spend the day of the festival fielding questions, concerns, and last-minute occurrences from all areas.

While last minute concerns will always rise, the day of your event will hopefully be about enjoying the fruits of your labor – not continuing to sweat it out.

Digital Tickets

It’s imperative that you do what you can to make the event day as simple and straightforward as possible. You can achieve this goal with an alternative to Eventbrite that facilitates a smooth and seamless ticketing process.

This begins with digital tickets.

Paper tickets are simply outdated. Guests must either print out their own tickets or pick them up. Both options place a burden on attendees to obtain their tickets. In addition, physical tickets are very easy to misplace or damage.

Since 85% of adults in the United States own a smartphone, digital tickets will appeal to most potential event attendees. If they’ll already have their smartphone with them, why make guests print out a ticket? Plus, digital tickets eliminate paper waste.

Product Integrations

Using different tools gives your event flexibility that enhances your event goers experience. The more you can offer them, the better. You don’t want to use a platform that is reliant on an internal service to accept payments.

Ticket platforms that integrate with Square will especially help you out. Millions of users trust Square to complete their transactions quickly and painlessly. This minimizes the need for handling cash at your event, which truly opens the floodgates for error.

Your event’s ticketing platform should also allow as much payment accessibility as possible for ticket purchases.

SimpleTix integrates with 20 payment gateways (so far), which creates increased convenience for ticket purchasers. The easier it is for attendees to buy their tickets, the better impression they will have of your event going into it.

Lost Tickets and Updates

With hundreds of people involved, something will always come up. An alternative to Eventbrite should offer your event options for when these last-minute changes occur.

For mercurial guests, SimpleTix allows attendees to update ticket details themselves, rather than having to go through you or your ticketing platform to make a change. This means event attendees show up to the festival with their details worked out before they arrive.

It is inevitable that someone’s ticket will be lost without recovery in the depths of their email. When this happens, your event staff should be able to help them out and get them into the event.

With the SimpleTix Event Organizer App, event staff can quickly access guest’s registrations through the platform and check them in that way with no problems.

Guests trying to enter the festival should not be greeted by a long line of frustrated people trying to enter the event while flustered staff tries to get them inside. Digital tickets, guest updates, and ticketless entry will all help your guests enter the event worry-free.

An Alternative to Eventbrite Pays Out Instantly with Lower Fees

An alternative to Eventbrite costs less in fees

Throwing an event requires a lot of cash. While you will most likely have to put down deposits for venues and certain vendors before you can sell tickets, you will want to recoup that cash as quickly as possible and keep as much profit as possible with lower fees.

Instant Payouts

Many ticketing platforms will not only hold your ticket sales, but they also will wait until after the event is over to pay out.

An excellent ticketing platform will get your ticket profits to you quickly. SimpleTix offers instant payouts for your event. With your profits available upfront, you can spend and budget more efficiently.

Look for the Best Rates in the Industry

Why spend more money on ticket fees when there are options that will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Keep more of your ticket profits with an alternative to Eventbrite. SimpleTix caps their maximum fees, has some of the lowest rates in the industry, and has no upfront charges.

Don’t let ticket sales be the hardest part of your event. Find a simple ticketing platform for maximum joy on your event day.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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