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May 13, 2022

Top 5 Advantages of Eventbrite Competitors

High name recognition does not guarantee a quality product or impressive customer service. Though the Eventbrite ticketing platform has a widely recognizable name, it also falls far short of providing a streamlined ticketing experience and responsive service. Eventbrite competitors outdo its performance by offering unique and highly beneficial features. These features improve your profitability and your efficiency on the day of the event.

These ticketing platforms also provide helpful human support when you need it. Eventbrite alternatives include options that improve your ability to organize, run, and market your events. For example, SimpleTix partners with Square to offer unique advantages to you and your customers.

Eventbrite alternatives offer highly customized ticketing software for nonprofits, tourist destinations, large-scale one-off events, agritourism sites, and many others. Whether you are organizing a one-day outdoor event, hosting ongoing activities that require ticketing, or putting together a festival, your ticketing platform should provide flexibility, efficiency, and profitability.

Eventbrite competitors provide all of these, along with easy access to customer service. Event organizers who want to put on well-run, memorable, and profitable events seek out Eventbrite competitors for their ticketing platforms. Read on to discover the SimpleTix features that make it possible to put on excellent, profitable events.

1. Instant payouts

Eventbrite alternatives offer instant payouts

Every event organizer is familiar with the inevitable sinking feeling as funds flow out during the planning process. SimpleTix prevents this by enabling you to finance your event as you go. Thanks to a partnership with Square, SimpleTix offers instant payouts to event organizers. Square is the most comprehensive point-of-sale system on the market and is designed to be functional and user-friendly for businesses of all sizes.

Instant payouts allow you to fund your event as you plan by paying you immediately for ticket sales, merchandise, and concessions. In this way, Eventbrite competitors make your profits available to you when you need them most, and prevent the stress that comes with running out of funds before your event.

SimpleTix’s partnership with Square also enables you to provide options to ticket holders that Eventbrite does not. You can offer instant refunds to buyers due to cancellations or postponements. For organizers of outdoor events who have to cancel, knowing that the SimpleTix platform makes the refund process quick and simple for customers is a huge relief. SimpleTix offers other options, too.

Event organizers can offer refunds in the form of Square gift cards. This form of refund allows customers to choose how they want to reallocate the cost of their tickets. Because Square is accepted almost everywhere, these gift cards are as good as cash. SimpleTix also enables ticket holders to change their tickets to a different day or time. With this Eventbrite alternative, the organizer can determine the most advantageous way to offer refunds. Customers are also empowered to make choices about both their attendance and how they spend their refunded money.

2. High efficiency on event day

Eventbrite alternatives include features that make your event run more smoothly, and which cut down on day-of-event headaches for organizers. SimpleTix provides software for many different types of events, and each of these includes features specially designed for the needs of those events’ organizers and ticket holders.

Eventbrite competitors are intent upon keeping the line moving at your event. For instance, when tickets are bought as a group, they can be scanned as one ticket at the entry. Another feature that increases efficiency is the SimpleTix app—it allows organizers to make all types of sales on site. Tickets, merchandise, and concessions can all be sold through one platform. And don’t forget, you get instant payouts for all of these sales!  From the moment you sell anything on the day of your event, the profit is yours.

3. Increased flexibility

Eventbrite alternatives provide flexibility for organizers and customers

Eventbrite competitors offer a host of convenient features focused on ease of use for organizers and high levels of service for ticket buyers. If you, as the event organizer, choose, you can offer promotional codes, early-bird rates, membership pricing, and/or unlimited ticket types at no extra charge. You can both tailor the purchase experience to your attendees’ preferences and maximize your profitability by using these features strategically.

SimpleTix offers a festival mode that is specially designed for streamlining ticket sales for multi-day events. And ticket holders’ ability to change their time slot for attendance prevents staff from having to spend valuable time processing refunds. Eventbrite competitors offer a host of options that allow organizers to design a ticketing and event sales experience that works best for them and their customers.

4. More effective marketing

Eventbrite alternatives offer instant payouts

When potential ticket buyers visit your event page, you want them to learn about the event, not the ticketing platform on which they will make their purchase. Eventbrite plasters its branding across organizers’ webpages, and even promotes other Eventbrite events right there, on your event page.

As a result, people seeking out information about your event come away with an association between your event and Eventbrite. You can avoid this by choosing an Eventbrite alternative. You work hard to develop your branding and marketing strategies; these should be what people see when they visit your event page. Make sure that your event takes the spotlight by choosing an Eventbrite competitor as your ticketing platform.

5. Customer support

People’s top desire during their customer service experience is to be treated like a valued customer. This means that a customer is not just an account or transaction number. As insiders in the event industry are aware, Eventbrite’s reputation does not comport with this description. Eventbrite alternatives, however, offer better support. SimpleTix’s customer service team is always within reach. They also create and publish YouTube videos on an ongoing basis.

These videos feature information about SimpleTix that will be helpful to organizers, and tips about planning and running terrific events. SimpleTix is also proactive in helping you use their platform so that it provides the maximum benefit to you. Whether you are a small nonprofit that sees a few dozen visitors on a weekend or a concert venue that hosts thousands, Eventbrite competitors offer ticketing software that is well suited to your organization’s needs.

Eventbrite competitors’ customer service teams are focused on helping organizers drive more revenue and pull off terrific events. They understand that to be successful, a ticketing platform must not only include profitable features but also be user-friendly for organizers.

When customer support is within easy reach, organizers can receive assistance throughout the entire process of planning and putting on an event. This assistance is available during the first stages of the planning process, on the day of the event, and all the way through to processing refunds or other post-event details.

With its variety of customer service support offerings, SimpleTix enables organizers to focus on the event itself, without getting bogged down in the technology. Let Eventbrite’s competitors show you exactly how much better the customer service experience can be.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

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