What is Festival Software?

Creating and throwing your own festival is an organizational feat not for the faint of heart. With a complicated web of people, information, and scheduling, festival organizers must carefully manage their own team as well as the paying revelers to ensure a safe and happy fest.

It’s a delicate dance. And it starts with ticketing.

From DIY music festivals, to specialty food and beverage festivals, to even festivals celebrating the wise owl, festival software helps organizers save money on fees and create a frictionless ticketing process.

The right festival ticketing software helps you maximize pre-sales and streamline on-site sales. Your festival software should be flexible enough to customize to your event, simplifying every part of the ticketing process, and by doing so, simplify many other aspects of your event.

Table of Contents

  1. Festival Software Puts Money in Your Pocket
  2. Festival Software Provides a Superb Guest Experience
  3. Key Features of Festival Software
  4. SimpleTix – The Simpler Way to Sell Tickets

Festival Software Puts Money in Your Pocket

At almost any scale, festivals run on a tight budget. Your ability to obtain funds will make or break your event. The best festival software platforms don’t just help you manage your event, they give you more access to cash.

Instant payouts

Ticket sales for festivals start months — sometimes even years — in advance. It only seems natural that festival organizers will want to use those funds to pay for the myriad costs of their festival.

However, it is common practice for most festival ticketing platforms to hold your ticket sale money until after the festival is over — sometimes days or even weeks. This sort of financial gridlock can create an immense amount of stress for festival organizers.

When someone buys a ticket to your event through SimpleTix, their money is instantly sent to your account for your use. That means you can actually pay for festival expenses as they arise leading up to the event.

SimpleTix’s instant payouts give you your profits as you accrue them.

While you will most likely still need capital to get your festival up and running, having ticketing profits as they become available help with the financial demands that festivals bring.

SimpleTix gives the power over to festival organizers, allowing them to have profits as soon as they become available.

Lower fees

All ticketing platforms charge a fee to use their services, usually a flat rate per ticket plus a percentage of the total price. Depending on ticket price, amount of tickets sold, and frequency of your event, you can lose a lot of your festival’s profit simply to ticketing fees.

SimpleTix charges fewer fees than other festival software platforms, and less than half the cost of Eventbrite.

SimpleTix charges a rate of $0.79 per ticket plus 2% of the ticket’s total price. To compare, Eventbrite charges $1.59 per ticket and 3.5% of the ticket’s total price.

With SimpleTix, there is no upfront cost — you can sign up to use it and start creating your festival on teh same day. You will not be charged anything until you sell a ticket. There are no ongoing subscription fees.

In addition to lower fees, SimpleTix has a $9.99 fee cap. This means any ticket over $200 will always only cost $9.99 in fees for you.

With Eventbrite, you’ll pay 3.5% of your ticket price, no matter how mch your tickets cost. For a $500 ticket, Eventbrite will keep $19.09.

Festival software should also offer options to best fit your event.

If you plan to sell tickets only on-site, SImpleTix offers a pricing plan of $0.25 per ticket.

For large venues with frequent events, we offer a premium plan for $49 per month that reduces ticket feees to $0.49 per ticket with a 1.5% fee per ticket sold.

Remember the old days where you could only pay with cash, check, or card? With advances in digital banking and fintech tools, there are more ways to pay than ever before.

Your average ticket purchaser probably has a few ways to pay, and they expect you to meet them where they’re at, in that regard. After all, they are trying to give you their money.

Many festival ticketing platforms have their own internal payment processing system, which is why it takes them longer to pay out your funds. It can also be difficult to integrate their system to work with your on-site ticketing tools.

The best festival software solutions are flexible and versatile. They allow you to accept payment in any form it comes.

How will you take payments on-site the day of your festival? If you have a digital payment system like Square or Stripe, be sure to choose festival ticketing software that functions seamlessly with your system.

If you plan to rely on cash payments on-site, you might reconsider. Cash is a lot to handle. It takes time for attendees to count it out and for your staff to make changes, increasing wait times at the gate.

With a payment system like Square, you can take on-site purchases in a blink. Square takes Apple Pay and Android Pay, chip cards, and contactless payments.

SimpleTix is one of the only festival ticketing platforms with an official Square partnership, and it’s definitely the most flexible. SimpleTix also integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and over a dozen other payment gateways.

The fewer barriers for guests to buy their tickets, the better! All of your hard work festival planning is for naught if your guests are frustrated trying to buy, download, and use their tickets. SimpletTix makes buying and using a ticket as seamless as possible for your festival goers.

Festival software experience

Festival Software Provides a Superb
Guest Experience

Your guests aren’t just trying to buy tickets smoothly, they want to get in the gate quickly. Festival ticketing software should help them to this goal. The less time they spend in line, the more time they’ll spend having fun.

Scan and go entry is a must

With digital tickets, attendees can save a photo of their ticket, download their ticket to their digital wallet, or print it out. At the gate, you can check attendees in quickly with a mobile devide.

SimpleTix uses the most up-to-date scan and go tickets: easy to use QR codes. This minimizes confusion and necessary effort needed to furnish tickets to guests.

It is also inevitable that tickets will be lost. With SimpleTix, your event staff can check an attendee in manually through the SimpleTix Organizer app.

Festival mode

Providing ticket options for multi-day passes or bundles can be complicated. Buying tickets for multiple days requires a lot of back-clicking and double-checking. As the organizer, you’ll overwhelm yourself and ticket purchasers if you try to offer a ticket for every possible combination.

Festival software should make this easier, but few do. SimpleTix created its Festival Mode to solve this problem.

If you’re hosting multiple festivals or events, guests can buy their tickets for all events at once rather than checking out for each event individually. This makes it easier for festival attendees to buy more tickets and have a frictionless experience purchasing from your organization.

If a ticketholder wants to change the day or timeslot of their event, they usually have to contact the organizer and have the organizer manually change their ticket status.

With SimpleTix, ticketholders can change their ticket details on their own within the SimpleTix app. This greatly reduces the manual work of fielding an endless stream of requests from attendees.

With Festival Mode, SimpleTix creates color-coded tickets for each day, which makes identifying specific tickets for a multi-day event easier for your staff.

Keep the focus on your festival

Many festival ticketing platforms use your event to promote their software, taking advantage of you and your attendees.

Take Eventbrite, for example. Like many festival software platforms, Eventbrite lets you create a website for your event where you can give location and contact information in addition to selling tickets.

But an Eventbrite page comes cluttered with Eventbrite logos, links, and promotions. They even advertise other events right there on your own page.

In addition, some festival ticketing platforms use your attendee data and contact information to send them promotions and advertisements unrelated to your event. Some also reserve the right to sell your attendee information to whoever they want.

Your festival software should put your event first.

At SimpleTix, we believe that organizing your event is not about us —it’s about you. This means your SimpleTix hosted ticket site or widget will be absent of our branding and will never feature outside advertising. Because it is your festival — not ours.

With SimpleTix, you have full control over the branding on your ticketing page — from logo, color, and photography. It will never be littered with SimpleTix logos.

SimpleTix also gives you full ownership of your attendees data. this means you can contact your attendees for future events they may be interested in, but we won’t.

Key Features of Festival Software

Whether you’re organizing a bee-keeping festival or a craft beer festival, make sure your festival ticketing software covers these bases.

Multiple ticket types

Odds are, you plan to offer different types of tickets for various ticket purchasers. Make sure you know how many ticket types your festival software allows.

Early bird pricing

Prices for children, seniors, and members

Discounts for military or first responders

Bundle pricing for multiple days or events

Some festival ticketing solutions allow you to ask for a donation on top of the ticket price. or offer “pay what you wish” pricing according to the threshold you set.

SimpleTix lets you create unlimited ticket types, allowing you to integrate upsells, discounts, and add-ons to your tickets and give your attendees more bang for their buck.

QR codes

QR codes are a must for your festival ticketing software. Each ticket should come with a unique individual QR code that can be scanned quickly at the gate with a mobile device.

SimpleTix lets you take full advantage of QR codes. For instance, if a ticketholder wants to give their ticket to someone else, they can transfer it through the SimpleTix app. This will create a new QR code to uniquely identify the new ticketholder.

SimpleTix also gives you a QR code for your event. You can place this QR code on posters, social media, and other promotional materials to link straight to your event website.

Your own event website

Online sales let you sell tickets 24/7, allowing attendees to purchase tickets on their own time. Your festival software should enable online purchases and give attendees all the information they need to buy tickets.

Your event page can also serve as a communication tool with attendees. Use it to relay changes to your event, instructions about parking, event reminders, and frequently asked questions.

SimpleTix lets you create a clean, straightforward website for your event for free. If you already havea site for your event, you can embed the SimpleTix widget with ticket purchasing functionality onto your site with no coding knowledge required.

Reserved seating

If your event or festival has reserved seating, SimpleTix allows you to make a seating chart for attendees to select seats. The seating chart is available through either your SimpleTix website or the SimpleTix widget for your own website.

Tools for the day-of

Ticketing can get messy in the rush of your big day. When choosing festival software, consider what each platform offers to keep you in control on the day of your event.

The SimpleTix Organizer app puts the power of rush tickets and day-of sales in your hands, all on your smart phone or tablet. No special equipment required.

Communications with guests

A lot can happen between the moment an attendee buys their ticket and the day of the event. Festival software should provide the basic tools to keep ticketholders in the loop in case of weather delays or other unforeseen events.

Of course, your festival software should make it easy to promote your next event, too.

SimpleTix maintains a list of your ticketholders’ contact info. You can send emails through the SimpleTix platform, or transfer your information to other tools like MailChimp or Zapier.

COVID precautions

While many COVID-19 restrictions are being removed around the United States, many festival operators are opting to keep some precautions in place for extra care for the health and safety of their guests.

Timed entry ticketing – Festival software should let you create timeslots and set the capacity limit for those timeslots. You can even allow gaps between timeslots for your staff to clean or prepare for the next batch of attendees.

Social distance ticketing – Through your festival sofware, you can modify your seating chart to block off seats surrounding your ticketholder’s spot. Your platform will make these seats unavailable for purchase by others.

Attendee register – Your festival software should automatically keep track of which guests have checked in and which guests haven’t. A log of attendees can support contact tracing if necessary, and in general, it’s good to know who was at your event and who wasn’t.

SimpleTix – The Simpler Way to Sell Tickets

When organizing your festival, there is no need to overcomplicate your production. Make ticket selling as low cost and easy as possible with SimpleTix. It’s your festival – sell it your way. While many COVID-19 restrictions are being removed around the United States, many festival operators are opting to keep some precautions in place for extra care for the health and safety of their guests.

To see how simple it could be, try creating your own event for free, or schedule a meeting with our team to tell us more about your event.