Peak and Off-Peak ticketing

Don’t lose out on the days that matter most.

If a peak day – like a holiday or special event – falls on an off-peak day, you can leave money on the table if attendees can buy tickets at weekday or flex pass rates.

With SimpleTix, you can designate specific dates, recurring days of the week, or a range of dates on which lower pricing options do not apply.

Protect revenue, protect the customer experience

Flexible control

Create as many ticket types as you need for your venue. You can specify which days exclude which ticket types.

Seasonal businesses

If you have a busy season, you can set entire months at peak pricing to protect your profits and gain stability for the slow season.

Set price levels by day

You can decide whether to set a higher-priced set of dates or a lower-priced set of dates according to your needs.

Keep attendees informed

Make sure to put peak and off-peak information on your SimpleTix event page and purchase confirmation email.

Sell tickets faster

Sure, you could use the timed entry function to designate peak and off-peak times, but that approach restricts the attendee. They have to find a day and time that works for them, then they have to coordinate with the rest of their group before they can finally buy. Sometimes, this runaround can kill a sale altogether.

With peak and off-peak ticketing, attendees can buy now and hash out schedules later. We’ve seen significantly higher conversion rates with our peak and off-peak function.

Keep it spontaneous

Having a ticket you can use anytime you want is like having a get-out-of-jail-free card for a boring day. Peak and off-peak ticketing protects the magic of a spontaneous, last-minute experience.

Unless your event requires capacity limits, our peak and off-peak function gives attendees much more flexibility and puts ticket revenue in your pocket faster.

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SimpleTix Supports You…

Solve unique problems

Solve unique problems

We listen to our customers and work to create features that speak to real issues. Our support team is standing by to help you get the most out of our platform. They’d love to hear more about your event and tell you how we can help make it a success.

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Sell more tickets

Sell more tickets

If you had to close your box office, could you still sell tickets? The ability to sell tickets around the clock without a staff member is a must when running an attraction or planning an event in today’s world. At SimpleTix, we’ve made it as seamless as possible.

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Built to give you what you need

SimpleTix and Square are always working to create new, convenient features that make it simpler to run your event or attraction and make more money. By integrating widely with dozens of other tools and platforms, SimpleTix can fit seamlessly into the other programs you use to run your operation.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!