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Client visit with London’s Top Murder Mystery Dinner


SimpleTix Founder Aron Kansal recently visited SimpleTix client Murder Mystery Events Limited. Aron and Murder Mystery Events founder Mark attended a Saturday night Sherlock Holmes production at the appropriately-named Sherlock Holmes Hotel on Baker Street in London.

Murder Mystery Events combines interactive entertainment with full-course dinners at locations all over London, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for its customers.

In addition to pre-arranged events, murder mystery dinners are fun and creative ideas for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Conferences and corporate events
  • Reunions and family functions
  • Date night

Mark at Murder Mystery Events discovered SimpleTix through another SimpleTix client the Interactive Theater, which holds comedy performances throughout London.

These are just two examples of the endless possibilities for using SimpleTix in an interactive theater setting. SimpleTix can be fully customized to accommodate dining preferences and other unique features required for these special performances.

And, SimpleTix allows you to use data to to create lasting memories for your patrons. Add to the experience your guests have by capturing their information in SimpleTix, where you can review it before the show and personalize the performance for them.

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