Does your festival need event registration?

Those spring blooms you are gazing at so longingly mean it’s time to get busy getting everything ready for the big summer festival. All those things that you kept putting off during the long winter, have to get done.

There are vendors to contact, patrons to inform, concerts to plan, activities to coordinate, tickets to sell. The list is long and g
etting longer. Time is flying and of course you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.


It is time to get this whole shebang in order. But how?

What you need is a one-stop, easy to use event registration and management tool.

What would give for a package that let you create your own newsletter and coordinate your email blast to patrons, vendors and performers? How about if it provided easy ticket sales? What if it allowed you to collect the information needed for your post-event analysis and to generate a mailing list for future connections?

With a few clicks you could have information flowing to everyone who needs it and you could be out reveling in the beautiful flowers, listening to the birds sing and … OK, you still have too much work to do.

Still, turning your annual festival into great event for your visitors and making the production less of a struggle for your management team is not so difficult as you might think.

SimpleTix has event management tools that can help you achieve those goals. If you are looking for help to refine your festival planning and execution, contact us.