Advanced Features Put SimpleTix on the Cutting Edge of Local Ticketing Portal Technology

New features on the SimpleTix platform make it easier than ever to set up ticketing portals around the globe. Here’s a few to notice:

1 – Enable event organizers to sell and manage own ticket sales via the Box Office.
It is now possible to limit who can see and manage order information, giving your customers direct access to their own personal box office on a per-venue basis:


Organizers can sell tickets, manage orders and email participants by logging into their box office area.

2 – Brand e-tickets with your ticketing portal logo while still providing organizers with individual banner space.
E-Ticket banners can be uploaded on a per-event basis and may contain advertisements to other events being organized, provide room for sponsor logos or simply brand the ticket with the organizer’s logo and information as well. Tickets sold via the organizer’s box office may utilize a different format from what is sold through the front end of the ticketing portal, enabling organizers to print tickets easily from standard ticketing printers such as Boca, Epson and more.

3 – Give organizers flexibility when validating tickets.
SimpleTix technology enables on- or off-line ticket validation, as well as easy-download participant lists and mobile ticket validation. No matter how simple or complex an event may be, organizers have the flexibility to validate tickets efficiently.

4 – Provide top-quality interactive seating charts
Impress local event organizers with interactive seating charts, providing easy and professional usability for participant bookings. Event for larger venues of over 400 seats, sections can be mapped individually. Create interactive charts in a matter of hours on your own, or have SimpleTix support set them up for you quickly at an affordable per-seat cost.

5 – Each event and venue has its own landing page
Organizers can efficiently link their own websites to their own event landing pages and venue landing pages for a transparent flow from client to your ticketing portal site. Event landing pages may include organizer advertisement or sponsoring images within the event description and multiple graphics related to events.
With this and many more features on the SimpleTix platform, it is now easier than ever to set up a ticketing portal for your area! Contact us today for a tour of the platform and sign up for a demo.