Moving the Community Theater Out of the 90s: ETicketing


Imagine someone who worked twenty four hours, seven days a week, and managed every detail involved in the administrative tasks of marketing, promoting and analyzing sales for your performances.

When the Hudson Village Theater was formed in 1993, the troup did not even have a theater.  Their first production, Sacred Hearts, was staged at the local university.  Sets were built by volunteers and tickets were sold in the theater box office.  The hours were long, and the pay was nonexistant, but the troupe survived and thrived.

Around the world, small groups like the Hudson Village Theatre are taking advantage of the new technology available to them, using blogs, websites, and social networking groups to soliticit donations, announce auditions, and share media from their performances with the public.

One area smaller groups can use technology is eticketing.  Because they depend on volunteers to do things like build sets, sew costumes, and of course, man the ticket booth, nonprofit organizations are particularly benefited by this flexible, secure and easy service.

Whether it’s selling tickets, event registration, or having an interactive seating chart online for your venue, it helps to have a system.  If your group wants to spend more time performing and less time fighting with the hassle of ticketing, contact us.  You take care of the performance, and we’ll make sure your audience can find you.