Selling Seats or a whole table for a Dinner Gala? SimpleTix has you covered!

If you are going to be hosting an event that allows attendees to select a specific seat or table to sit at, SimpleTix is your solution!  With our reserved seating mode, you can upload the layout of all the tables and create an interactive seating chart out of it to allow attendees to choose where they sit!  It is a very easy way to let people sign up for an event, and also know where they are sitting!  With this information, you can then pass it onto a caterer if dinner choice was an option!


Layout of an example dinner fundraiser!


The yellow spots tell you that their is seats available. If you hover over the table, the tool tip will appear!


After selecting the seat of your choice, you can hover over the seat and it will give you the seat information and price.


After you click the seat of your choice, you can have different price groups for your dinner! Different prices for each seat give you all the flexibility you need for your event!


As you can see, attendees can simply select where they will sit with relation to a stage or friends!




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