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VW Festival in Wales using CodeReadR and SimpleTix

As an event planner, some things — like the strength of
Wi-Fi or cell phone reception — are not always in your control.

The SimpleTix integration with CodeReadR is one solution to this problem. CodeReadR is an app that you can install on any Android or iOS device. The CodeReadR team tests their app on hundreds of different types of devices to ensue compatibility.

It was recently used by the Dubs at the Castle VW Show, a classic Voklswagon car expo and camping event, held each July in Monmouthshire, Wales.


The Monmouthshire area has poor cell reception, which meant organizer Nigel had a difficult time scanning tickets.

Prior to the event, Nigel went to the SimpleTix’s attendee list screen and clicked the option to download the list for CodeReadR. From there, he logged into his CodeReadR account and imported the list. (Here’s a step by step video on how to do that)

He was able to use CodeReadR to scan tickets based on the downloaded list without WiFi or 3G/4G service.


The staff used a sport band around the their scanning device so they did not have to hold it while scanning tickets.

This provided additional comfort and flexibility during the scanning process.

The festival, which brings thousands of VW enthusiasts to Wales each year, also utilized a WiFi hotspot to sync data across devices every 15 minutes throughout the day.


The festival also used a Motorola DS6878 scanner. Its wireless capability allowed staff to easily move between cars as they entered the festival.

These scanners last all day on a single charge, and can be recharged with portable USB power adapters.

At the end of the festival, data was uploaded back into SimpleTix to provide an accurate attendance count and allow for post-event communication with participants.


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