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May 5, 2014

What’s new in Version 3?

New Features

  • Ability the the customer to have the tickets sent to them via SMS
  • You can now pay for your SimpleTix hosting bill and per ticket fees automatically with your PayPal account
  • Twitter Wall, if you set a HashTag for your event, we offer a url you can display on the a TV screen at your event so you can see live Tweets
  • Ticket Window -a new pop-up window you can easily link to from your existing website, customers can complete their orders in this window without ever leaving your site. The Field of Dreams Movie Site 25th – just sold over 6k tickets using this.
  • Ability to add tickets to an existing order – any type of ticket: flex pass, general admission, or reserved seat
  • Ticket Kiosk – Touch-screen POS for customers to buy their own tickets. See video
  • Easy Entry – A tablet app that allows you to scan tickets. See video
  • Improved support for Datamax o’neil ticket Printer. See video
  • A short Bitly url is automatically created for all events
  • Create event wizard – much simpler the the prior create event page
  • Support for the Prosper202 (Prosper202 provides pay per click affiliate marketers with leading edge self hosted ppc software! )
  • – a new mobile web-app to lookup participants and mark them as validated
  • New role “seat tagger” so can allow a “seat tagger” to login and have limited access to just the venue settings and tag seats. No other reports or private data can be accessed.
  • New role “check-in” a box office stay member that can just scan tickets. No access to any other box office features.
  • New inventory report – for reserved seat mode events. See all seats – what is sold and what is not sold
  • New bulk print ticket feature. You can print 1 page with 16 tickets. This allows you to be able to send a single PDF to a print shop for custom ticket printing.
  • Ability to add donations to the shopping cart screen before checkout
  • In v2 per venue you set the “cut off time”, meaning ticket sales end X mins before the event starts.

    Now in v3 you can set, per event level, if this “cut off time”, is X mins before the event *starts* or is X mins before the event *ends*. (e.g. if it’s a all day workshop from 8am to 5pm, people can still buy tickets at 10am now.)


  • SMS / mobile tickets can be either barcode (1D) or RQ code (2D)
  • Promo codes – ability to set how many tickets the code will be applied to. e.g. “Get $10 of 2 tickets for Lion King”. So if the add 4 tickets for Lion King only the 1st two tickets get the discount, then next 2 are full price. Lots of granularity: set per event, event time, or price/group
  • Improved analytics- so which events are getting the most traffic, where they are coming from, and where they are
  • You can set sub-titles for event price groups, like if the price groups is “Students” the sub-title you can set is “Must have an active student id”
  • An event can belong to “multiple” categories. In v2 an event could only belong to one. So now a workshop on “Intro to WordPress” can belong to both: Writing as well as Computers
  • You can set a different tax rate per event/product/membership. This is useful if you are in a country where different types of events would incur a different tag rate
  • Easier to mange the items displayed on the admin panel of your site with drag & drop sorting
  • We’ve improved the ability to clone a venue – now clones all sections, rows, seats and all the seat tagging
  • Dynamic Real-Time Charts – as soon as someone reserved a ticket it’s instantly removed from the seating chart if any anyone else is viewing the page
  • Fixed eTicket layout O – the layout that displays both banners: global and the “per event” banner
  • On both the mobile site and box office site, the plus and minus buttons are easier to use
  • Secret payment gateway passwords/security tokens are no longer displayed on the settings screen, you can enter and save them, however once saved they cannot be displayed again
  • Ability to upload an entire venues seat inventory at any levels the whole venue, just once section’s rows & seats, just one row’s seats
  • We now track “when” tickets are validated and “who” validated/scanned them.
  • View all of your invoices and past billing statements from your account page INSIDE the manager’s panel, no longer a separate website
  • View the current per ticket fees for the current billing period or any prio billing period
  • Get a special price break on box office ticket orders
  • If you are logged in to the admin panel, if you leave it idle for 20 mins, you will get a bank style pop-up to confirm if you want to stay logged in
  • Ability to also search an order by transaction id, email, last 4 digits of credit card number, or phone number
  • Recommended products was just for general admission events in v2. Now it’s for both general admission events & flex pass events
  • Ability to have an event time or specific price group with unlimited tickets
  • Improvements to prevent ticket order selling
  • Performance for faster speed throughout the app
  • Box office order lookup – you can also lookup orders by credit card number (last 4 digits), transaction number, and phone number
  • We improved the sales report for recommended products per event time – now you can see the order, buyer name, and the products
  • Venue calendar page, you can see a calendar of all the events at a single venue
  • Reserved Seat Ticket list- adding to cart is so much easier now, just click once and it’s added right away

System Improvements

  • All images are now stored on a CDN – with servers around the world. So if you load if you are in Ireland all images are coming from the CDN server in N. Ireland (not Virginia, US)
  • We are now on the Microsoft Cloud – so if we see a spike in ticket sales, e.g. Thursday nights, we can increase the amount of resources our servers have, then lower them back down as the traffic slows down

What we removed:

  • Promo code option of “Flat fee discount per order” instead discounts are just per tickets

Coming this May

  • Card Present transactions – if you use gateways: or USA ePay we can pass the credit card track data to the gateway if the card is swiped. This will give you a lower rate with your credit card processor on these transactions.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal,, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

Get Started Now!

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