Give your entire toolkit a boost

Whether you’re throwing a one-time event or running an ongoing attraction, SimpleTix integrates seamlessly with the platforms and tools you’re already using.

Integrations that matter

Payment processing

SimpleTix works with over a key payment gateways like Square, Stripe,, Heartland, and NMI, making it easier to collect ticket revenue.

Email marketing

Though SimpleTix offers a native email feature, integrating with other email platforms like Mailchimp & Constant Contact lets you automatically add an attendee’s info to an email list.


Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Intuit, Excel, or something else, SimpleTix can integrate with your platform of choice to make budgeting and reconciliation a breeze.


Updating information in CRMs like Salesforce and DonorPerfect takes hours. SimpleTix lets you automatically merge event participation with your attendee’s profile.

Your system could be a well-oiled machine

Your system could be a well-oiled machine

Even the smallest tasks add up with time and scale. Saving one step in your process saves you thousands over time—which is exactly why we’ve built SimpleTix to integrate everywhere.

SimpleTix + Square

As one of the few attraction and event ticketing platforms with a true Square partnership, SimpleTix offers powerful, one-of-a-kind benefits. In addition to selling tickets online, you can sell anything in your Square inventory through SimpleTix and access that revenue instantly. On-site, your staff can sell merch, concessions, and tickets all from one intuitive interface.

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SimpleTix + Zapier and Make

Hundreds—thousands—of new apps are released each month. Though we constantly build new integrations, Zapier and Make let you integrate SimpleTix with practically anything. Not only does these platforms let you create your own custom SimpleTix integrations, but you also gain free access to integrations created by other SimpleTix users. From Zoom to Zoho, from Slack to SurveySparrow, the community of SimpleTix users is a vital part of our expanding integration network.

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SimpleTix helps you

Reduce your staff’s workload

With SimpleTix, guests can buy tickets and change their day or time slot without a staff member. At the gate, our scannable tickets keep the line moving, so you don’t have to hire as much on-site personnel. Our Square partnership lets you keep ticket, merch, and concessions sales all in one platform for easy accounting and reconciliation.

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Maximize pre-sale tickets

Maximize pre-sale tickets

When you offer tickets in advance of your event, you can manage your resources more effectively. Our platform lets you sell tickets online 24/7 and market your event with emails, promo codes, QR codes, and more. With instant payouts, the more tickets you sell beforehand, the more money you’ll have to finance other aspects of your event or attraction.

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Flexibility is our greatest feature

SimpleTix lets you customize your event more than any other ticketing platform. Create ticket types for early birds, seniors and military, members and season passes—whatever your event needs. Our platform allows you to bundle concessions, merch, and multi-day tickets into one smooth, singular transaction, with no added fees.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!