simplify event operations

Make the most of your staff and resources

From managing customer requests to hyping up your event to pulling it off on your day-of, our features let you handle more volume with less hassle.

Features that make it simple

Change timeslots

If a customer needs to change the day or time slot of their ticket, they can do so on their own through the SimpleTix app, with no help from you or your staff.

24/7 online sales

Selling tickets online 24/7 is a game changer. When attendees can purchase at their own convenience, you’ll wake up to hundreds of dollars in overnight sales.

Ticket scanning

Mobile tickets let your gate staff admit attendees in a blink, which keeps the line moving and allows your staff to welcome them appropriately.

Consolidated sales

With SimpleTix, you can sell on-site tickets, concessions, merch, and gift cards from the same intuitive interface—and get paid instantly.

Simplicity is flexibility

Simplicity is flexibility

When you can do more with less, you can adapt to the unexpected, provide a better customer experience, and empower your staff to work more effectively.

The Event Organizer App

Our app lets your staff handle anything that comes their way on the day of your event. In addition to scanning in attendees quickly, they can execute sales without holding up the line, manually check in attendees who forgot their ticket, and upsell merch or concessions. Not only does this allow you to do more with less staff, it enables your staff to interact with your guests and create the personal experience that will keep guests coming back.

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Key integrations

SimpleTix is built to work with your other tools, no matter how high-tech or low-tech they may be. From Mailchimp to Excel, from Zoom to Zapier, from Square to Salesforce, SimpleTix can save you and your staff hours of manual data entry and cut down on administrative tasks.

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SimpleTix helps you

Pull off your event

When the day of your event arrives, you must be firing on all cylinders to deliver a memorable experience. To your attendees, every detail matters, and it only takes one slip-up to leave a bad impression. With SimpleTix, you can handle anything that comes your way on the day of your event. No other platform gives you as much flexibility to customize your event to your unique needs.

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Maximize pre-sale tickets

When you offer tickets in advance of your event, you can manage your resources more effectively. Our platform lets you sell tickets online 24/7 and market your event with emails, promo codes, QR codes, and more. With instant payouts, the more tickets you sell beforehand, the more money you’ll have to finance other aspects of your event or attraction.

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SimpleTix + Square

As one of the only ticketing platforms with an official Square partnership, SimpleTix brings several functions together into one tool. With SimpleTix, you can sell merchandise, concessions, and tickets all in one order, in advance or on-site—and get paid instantly. Square gift cards let customers gift tickets or memberships, and allow you to issue refunds without losing revenue.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!