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Apps Like Eventbrite Offer Cheaper, Smoother, Simpler Ticketing

Sometimes, the headliner at the music festival isn’t the one who gives you the best show for your money. Similarly, Eventbrite may have major name recognition as an electronic ticketing platform—but are they the best ticketing option for you?

When looking for apps like Eventbrite, SimpleTix offers an alternative ticketing tool that’s cheaper, smoother, and simpler to use.

Here’s why that’s important.

While COVID-19 has led to an increase in customers and businesses preferring contactless sales due to social distancing, the truth is that contactless transactions were already on the rise in popularity and will continue to grow more popular in the future. That’s as true if not more so for event ticketing as any other industry.

Here are some quick facts about online ticket sales growth in recent years:

It’s estimated that online ticket sales will grow by 8.7% from 2020 to 2021, with sales in the U.S. reaching $14.3 billion this year, according to an IBISWorld report.

The market for online event ticket sales in the U.S. has grown an average of 10.8% per year since 2016, the same report states.

Over the past five years, the market size for online event ticket sales has increased faster than the U.S. economy overall, according to the report.

With online ticket sales growing ever more popular in the United States and around the globe, having the perfect platform at your disposal can make all the difference in driving revenue to your events and giving attendees the experience they want.

SimpleTix: An App Like Eventbrite that Saves You Time and Money

Eventbrite’s pricing model can be less than ideal for those looking to get the most for their money and receive a timely payout. While Eventbrite is a mainstay in the event ticketing industry, they have several downsides when it comes to affordability and timely payouts.

Eventbrite Affordability Pain Points:

To get premium ticketing options you must pay a $1.59 flat fee per ticket and 3.5% of your ticket’s total cost—with other apps like Eventbrite, using premiums like multiple ticket types and reserved seating costs less.

There are no caps on Eventbrite’s fees.

Proceeds for your ticket sales may not be paid to you until weeks after your event.

Square or Stripe payments and Square readers are not compatible with Eventbrite.

SimpleTix is an event ticketing app like Eventbrite that offers more affordable and timely solutions. With SimpleTix, you can avoid many of the cost-related issues you face with Eventbrite.

SimpleTix Costs Less—and Won’t Prolong Your Payouts

There are many apps like Eventbrite that offer more affordable ticketing options, but SimpleTix offers a premium experience at a discount and you get your event proceeds right away. The moment a ticket is sold, the money is transferred directly to your account. This way you can quickly free up these additional funds to budget toward your events.

Apps like Eventbrite offer a lower price point.

SimpleTix also offers more at a lower price point. Each ticket costs a $0.79 flat fee and 2% of your ticket price.

Although Eventbrite’s most basic package offers comparable pricing, SimpleTix offers a variety of premium features for no additional cost, such as:

Unlimited ticket types

Set up reserved seating

Email notifications for attendees

Invite-only events

Ability to accept donations

This is just to name a few of the ticketing features you’ll get with SimpleTix, while potentially saving thousands of dollars annually versus competitors like Eventbrite.

SimpleTix Offers a Smoother Experience Versus Competitors

When you’re busy nailing down the details of a big event, the last thing you want is roadblocks with your ticketing app. Yet that’s exactly what you get with Eventbrite. Giving yourself and your attendees the smoothest ticketing experience possible is crucial to your event’s success.

Eventbrite User Experience Pain Points:

It’s not Square or Stripe compatible.

Ticket holders can’t change their own ticket details.

Competitors offer a smoother mobile check-in experience.

Eventbrite’s premium ticketing option also allows you to build a web page to promote your event, but they clutter your page with their own promotional logos and branding. In general, the experience leaves much to be desired for ticket buyers and sellers alike.

SimpleTix Won’t Stand in Your Way

If your attendees want to change their own ticket details, SimpleTix offers them that option. If they prefer to pay for tickets using Square or Stripe, SimpleTix makes it easy for them to do just that. Ticket purchasers can pay with Apple Pay, Android Pay, contactless payments, and chip card payments.

Apps like Eventbrite integrate with Square.

Our mobile check-ins offer a smooth and effortless experience, with easy entry and ticket scanning on iOS & Android mobile devices.

And when it comes to our custom websites promoting your events, your events are the only ones featured.

A Simple Alternative, a Simple Choice

When you’re searching for apps like Eventbrite, you want a ticketing option that’s simple to use while still offering plenty of versatility. That’s exactly what SimpleTix offers.

While Eventbrite offers little control, an event portal cluttered with advertising, and subpar customer support, SimpleTix lets you customize your experience with ease. When you create an event portal with SimpleTix, you will have a streamline experience where you can set your own event branding, colors, images, and event details, with a clear pathway for attendees to buy tickets from your page. You can even embed a widget for your own existing page.

SimpleTix also offers more a more customizable experience than Eventbrite, with total control over setting ticket prices, capacity limits, discounts, and more.

But perhaps most importantly, SimpleTix truly cares about their customers and the success of their events. Whereas Eventbrite has a poor track record of customer service, at SimpleTix we go out of our way to ensure a positive experience using our service.

SimpleTix will offer to schedule a training session with our product, and will go the extra mile to help you successfully set up your events using our system. Our support staff is available any time you need assistance and will walk you through anything you need to clarify. We also offer tutorials and other informational videos on SimpleTix’s YouTube channel.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal,, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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