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3 Reasons to Choose SimpleTix Over Weblink for Your Next Non-Profit Event

Non ProfitIs your organization making the most of your DonorPerfect membership? If you’re not taking advantage of the many DonorPerfect partnerships that have recently become available to you, you could be missing out on lucrative fundraising opportunities for your nonprofit organization.

Recently, DonorPerfect launched DP Connect, a network of cutting-edge tools, apps, and solutions to help nonprofits make the most of their DonorPerfect software.     

SimpleTix is proud to be the most robust, flexible ticketing solution that works with DonorPerfect to provide your patrons and donors with a functional, seamless online ticketing experience.

If you’ve used DonorPerfect to help your nonprofit plan events in the past, you know that WebLink can be an easy solution to collect online registrations. However, if your organization plans large events with 100+ people, holds multiple events throughout the year, or requires complex ticketing with custom solutions, WebLink simply doesn’t offer the features you need.

That’s why DonorPerfect has selected SimpleTix as their go-to choice for large non-profit event ticketing.

According to DonorPerfect Vice President Jon Biedermann, “SimpleTix is the perfect solution to bridge the gap where WebLink falls short.”

So how do you know when it’s time to choose SimpleTix:

  1. If your event is large-scale (100+ people), choose SimpleTix for your eticketing needs. Keep in mind that the size of your nonprofit doesn’t matter as much as the size of the event you’re producing. SimpleTix has the customization and power to handle the special pricing and complex ticketing that’s needed to cater to larger events.
  1. If you want to offer attendees a totally mobile ticketing experience, including mobile ticket ordering, mobile etickets, and a mobile app for electronic check-in, SimpleTix has you covered.
  1. If you want ticket orders to be reflected as “gifts” in the purchaser’s DonorPerfect record, SimpleTix can do that automatically. Your staff will no longer have to manually enter gift records, which will save hours of time before, during, and after the event!

pulaskitechWith the DonorPerfect integration, SimpleTix also lets you create special ticketing options like Early Bird pricing, reserved seating, and custom payment integrations. In fact, many SimpleTix clients use the software along with SafeSave to create a secure payment gateway for their donors. Long-term DonorPerfect user Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock, AK is using the SafeSave/SimpleTix integration to simplify tickets sales within their campus theatre department.

Across the country and around the world, nonprofit organizations are reaping the benefits of customizable eticketing solutions for their fundraising events. Theatres, religious organizations, historical societies and campus ministries are taking advantage of DonorPerfect’s growing partnership network to find better ways to produce, promote, and enhance their events.

Thanks to the DonorPerfect integration with SimpleTix, nonprofits are no longer limited by the smaller-scale capacity of WebLink as a ticketing option. Whether you’re planning workshop for 100 people or a national conference for 6,000 people, SimpleTix allows you to quickly and easily customize the exact ticketing specifications you’re looking for.

Are you ready to make your next non-profit event an unforgettable experience for your donors? It all starts with ticketing. Find out how SimpleTix can optimize your DonorPerfect account with custom ticketing solutions for your next fundraiser. To get started, click here.

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