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April 6, 2018 - Posted in Editors pick, Trending

Brew Angels Use Discount Codes for Homebrew Club Members

As craft beer’s popularity continues to grow in the U.S., so too does the popularity of home brewing. Like many things in life, home brewing is better done with friends by your side; homebrew clubs are a great way to do just that.

The Brew Angels Homebrew Club in Stockton, California has brought homebrew enthusiasts together for more than a decade. The club hosts monthly events where members come together to brew beer, share a meal to go with that beer, and raise money for the community.

Brew Angels Homebrew Club website
Brew Angels event registration site

Many Brew Angels events are open to the public and to club members, with members receiving a discount on tickets. The group needed a way to keep track of those discounts without a lot of manual processing or tracking who was a member and who was not.

SimpleTix discount codes provided just the solution they were looking for. Discount codes can be hidden so that they’re only visible to members uploaded through a spreadsheet or through automatically-generated discount codes.

Codes can be set up for any event in SimpleTix and customized based on membership tiers or other categories. For example, you might have one group that receives $10 off each ticket and another group that receives $5 off each ticket. All it takes is a few clicks to set that up and send the codes to your members.

SimpleTix discount codes

Once the codes are generated, they can be distributed to members and applied on the site just like any other promotional code. Codes can be set to used only one or multiple times and can be applied for any amount off of the regular ticket price.

Even the title of the discount code and the text around it can be customized to meet your needs and adopt the language your group uses. This adds a more personal feel to the process rather than going through a generic, one size fits all system.

The Brew Angels generated hundreds of codes at once that were emailed to their members for their annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser. Emails are sent through SimpleTix with the code automatically filled in.

Another cool idea for the brewing community would be to send the list of codes to a printer and have them added under bottle caps, much like the codes soda manufacturers used to use.

Like a lot of things in SimpleTix, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Check out this video for more information on how you can use discount codes for your next event.

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