flexible ticketing software

Flexibility for any event

You don’t have to choose between simplicity and control. With SimpleTix, you can customize pricing and fees, bundle merch and concessions, and more.

Make it your own

Unlimited Ticket Types

Set early bird rates and military discounts, send promo codes, upsell memberships and season passes. Choose to pay fees yourself or pass them on to purchasers.

Bundle Merch and Concessions

There are several ways you can set up merch and concession sales in SimpleTix. We’ll help you decide which method works best for your event.

Custom Communications

Customize your confirmation email to include parking instructions or other vital info, ask a survey question at check-out, and make your event page look sharp.

Key Integrations

SimpleTix functions seamlessly into your digital tool kit by integrating with Salesforce, MailChimp, Make, Zapier, Excel, and many more.

More options, more revenue

More options, more revenue

Running your operation takes several moving parts, but it all starts with ticketing. SimpleTix sets you up for success from the very first customer interaction.

Festival Mode and Class Pack

Our Festival and Class Pack modes make it easy to set up multi-day events. With these tools, customers can choose which days they want to attend and check out in one smooth transaction. If you’re offering food or merch options with a ticket purchase, you can bundle those details into the ticket purchase process to provide a simpler experience for your customers.

Video: Festival Ticket Page View: Class/Workshop Series Ticket Page Video: Multiple Ticketed Events Per Day

Expect the unexpected

At SimpleTix, we’ve built our platform to help you handle any curveball that comes your way. A guest forgot their ticket? Check them in manually through the Organizer app. Forced to issue a refund? Offer it in the form of a Square gift card to keep the revenue. Need to notify attendees of a change to your event? Send a mass text or email with just a few clicks.

Prepare for anything on your day-of

SimpleTix Helps you

Reduce your staff’s workload

With SimpleTix, guests can buy tickets and change their day or time slot without a staff member. At the gate, our scannable tickets keep the line moving, so you don’t have to hire as much on-site personnel. Our Square partnership lets you keep ticket, merch, and concessions sales all in one platform for easy accounting and reconciliation.

Work smarter, work simpler

Maximize pre-sale tickets

When you offer tickets in advance of your event, you can manage your resources more effectively. Our platform lets you sell tickets online 24/7 and market your event with emails, promo codes, QR codes, and more. With instant payouts, the more tickets you sell beforehand, the more money you’ll have to finance other aspects of your event or attraction.

Build hype and word of mouth

Built to give you what you need

At SimpleTix, we work constantly to create new, convenient features that make it simpler to run your event and keep more of your revenue. Our platform helps you gain insights that matter, like which items sell the most, which customers are repeat customers, which promo codes led to the most conversions, which events were most popular, and more.

Sell More Tickets—More Easily

Attractions, seasonal events, performing arts centers and festivals love SimpleTix because it makes selling tickets… Simple!