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October 5, 2021 - Posted in Editors pick, Eventbrite Alternative

Save Thousands with This Eventbrite Alternative

Are you researching event ticketing apps? Then you’ve likely noticed that, alongside Eventbrite, there are several Eventbrite alternatives. Each offers different features at different price points.

But how do you know which will give you the most return for your investment?

As an event specialist, you know that spending more doesn’t always lead to a better experience for you and your patrons. Smart investments provide both quality and cost effectiveness. On a strictly managed event budget, the money you save today may very well free up critical funds for the costs you’re presented with tomorrow and the next day.

Essentially, managing an event’s finances means you need as much cash flow as possible—as quickly as possible.

The digital ticketing app you choose should give you that flexibility, with savings up front and ticket revenue hitting your account instantly, so you can make more accurate financial forecasts and adapt quickly to evolving administrative needs.

What if we told you that when you’re looking for event ticketing software, there’s an Eventbrite alternative that can save you thousands of dollars and provide more functionality at that lower price point?

Here’s how you can spend less and get more from SimpleTix, a digital event management tool that puts your event first.

Table of Contents:

  1.     An Eventbrite Alternative that Offers Instant Payouts
  2.     Pay Lower Per-Ticket Fees with No Hidden Costs
  3.     Get Premium Treatment at a Non-Premium Price

An Eventbrite Alternative that Offers Instant Payouts

Event organizers have to cover many costs in a short amount of time: marketing materials, concessions, venue rentals, equipment, and staff and entertainment, to name a few. Often, you’re relying on revenue from ticket pre-sales to reinvest into your event’s other needs. You can’t plan your event effectively without a clear picture of your finances.

That’s why you need an event ticketing app that doesn’t delay ticket sale payouts.

Eventbrite may hold ticket proceeds for weeks after your event, and may even withhold a percentage of your funds. This can make covering your costs needlessly complicated and add to your financial risk.

As an Eventbrite alternative, SimpleTix pays out instantly. That means as soon as someone buys a ticket using our software, the proceeds go directly to your account. Quick moving ticket revenue helps you keep from going over budget, cover unforeseen expenses, and get the most out of your event.

Pay Lower Per-Ticket Fees with No Hidden Costs

When it comes to online ticket sales, fees can quickly add up. You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your event goers’ experience because of fees that are higher than necessary or unexpected costs that throw a wrench in your planning.

Eventbrite’s Professional tier package charges a $1.59 flat fee per ticket, plus 3.5% of your ticket’s total cost.

SimpleTix charges a $0.79 flat fee, plus 2% of your ticket price.

For this cost, SimpleTix gives you many premium-style features Eventbrite doesn’t offer in their basic package, such as:

  •       Multiple ticket types like early bird prices, children’s prices, or veterans’ discounts
  •       Square or Stripe payment integration
  •       Purchaser ability to change ticket information like time and date
  •       Reserved seating or group reservations
  •       Embeddable ticket sales widget to sell tickets on your own website

Let’s say you sold tickets at an average cost of $100, with an average of 400 attendees. If you held just one event each month, SimpleTix could save you over $11,000 versus what you’d pay using Eventbrite, and between $1,000 and $8,000 versus other popular ticketing apps like TicketLeap and BrownPaperTickets.

Get Premium Treatment at a Non-Premium Price

eventbrite alternative

SimpleTix is an Eventbrite alternative that offers unique features without paying outrageous premium tier fees.

Yes, you have the ability to create multiple ticket types, offer ticket purchasers the payment options they prefer, and customize every detail to meet your administrative needs. But at the heart of what makes SimpleTix unique is this: when you use our software, your user experience and the success of your event matters most.

SimpleTix lets you build a promotional page that puts your event first. Unlike Eventbrite, we don’t litter your page with our own branding and advertising. You can customize your SimpleTix ticket site including colors, branding, event details, and images with an easy-to-use web builder.

You have control.

Any good Eventbrite alternative will avoid bogging you down with fine print that benefits only them. Eventbrite’s agreements let them access and share your attendee data and target them with ads and promotions. SimpleTix lets you collect contact information and other data about your attendees, but that data belongs solely to you.

Your Attendees Come First.

Good event management means not only selling tickets effectively but bringing your attendees an all around superior experience. Our software gives ticket purchasers a wide range of payment options including Square and Stripe payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay, contactless payments, and chip card payments. They can purchase ticket packages in a one-stop, easy online checkout page and change ticket details manually using an attendee app.

SimpleTix also offers a number of health and safety features for guests and staff, such as customizable seating charts for social distancing, shielded booth ticket scanning, and the ability to communicate about health guidelines and up-to-the-minute changes to your event. When it comes to navigating public health concerns like COVID-19, your attendees will appreciate your keeping them safe and informed.

Perhaps most importantly, an Eventbrite alternative should offer superior customer service. SimpleTix users can receive help setting up their events, and if they need additional help they can email our team or schedule a live troubleshooting session at any time. To access live help from Eventbrite you need to purchase their premium package.

When you’re looking for info on how to use SimpleTix ticketing software or tips on running a successful event, we also offer plenty of helpful content on our website and our YouTube channel.

Your ticketing software should give you the functionality you need at a price you can afford, and it should always put your needs first. SimpleTix offers all this in one easy-to-use tool to help you throw the perfect event.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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