Online festival and event management software will help with the transition back to in-person events.

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November 7, 2021 - Posted in Editors pick, Festival Software

Transitioning Back to In-Person Events

While virtual events are here to stay, streaming a festival on a computer screen will simply never replace the energy and vitality of attending one in-person. Because COVID-19 still pervades every in-person interaction, shifting any virtual events back to in-person will most likely require some additional consideration and care to work around.

Festival software provides a versatile solution to facilitate this transition.

Your city or state may still have various regulations in place to quell the spread of COVID-19. From mask mandates, capacity limits, or vaccination regulations, you may have to accommodate a plethora of rules for your festival or event to remain compliant with state and local decrees.

Even with these additional directives to consider, online festival and event management software helps you safely and easily transition your virtual event to in-person with little hassle.

Table of Contents:

  1.     Prepare with Online Festival and Event Management Software
  2.     Communicate Efficiently with Online Festival and Event Management Software
  3.     Manage Your Event with Minimal Staff

Prepare with Online Festival and Event Management Software

Online festival and event management software smooths the transition to in-person events.

While COVID can be unpredictable, preparing as well as possible and staying up to date on current events will help your event go off successfully. Knowing what kind of regulations, mandates, and laws you are dealing with will establish a good starting point as you begin planning your return to in-person festivals and events.

Be aware of daily developments.

Staying abreast of news and trends locally and nationwide will be a good reference point for your own event. Your local infection, hospitalization, and vaccination rates could affect the possibility of returning in-person. Being informed will help you prepare for any changes as soon as they crop up.

Stay up to date on mandates and regulations.

As vaccination rates trend upward and infection rates trend down, precautions and rules have loosened up; however, not all precautionary measures have been abandoned. Your event may have to contend with capacity limits, masking mandates, or even vaccination documentation.

Capacity limits, either voluntary or mandated, can create a safe and healthy atmosphere to help your guests feel comfortable in a manageable crowd. Online festival and event management software should offer you seating charts customizable to your venue so guests can feel at ease and practice social distancing in their assigned seat.

Consider timed entry.

If you are requiring a vaccination or negative COVID test for entry into your event, the entrance line can be overwhelming as your staff must check each guest’s documentation before scanning their tickets.

Online festival and event management software with timed entry can facilitate manageable crowds and entrance lines. With staggered entry times, you will avoid the massive rush for entry and keep the line moving quickly and efficiently.

Communicate Efficiently with Online Festival and Event Management Software

Transitioning your event from in-person to online means you’ll need guests to fill up the venue. From emails, social media posts, and targeted ads, online festival and event management software allows you to easily get the word out to your potential guests.

Target previous event attendees.

Email campaigns are an incredibly cost-efficient marketing method with a very high ROI. Online festival and event management software saves the contact info for any events you’ve managed through the software, offering you a rich list of contacts to start contacting.

You can even offer promo codes, discounts, or early purchase windows to entice, attract, and show gratitude for loyal return customers.

Share on social media.

Social media remains a reliable method to direct traffic to your event’s ticket page. Once everything is set up, exciting posts create anticipation and hype for returning in-person. With festival software, you can direct your followers to your event page, where they should find not only this event but any others you host. This increases visibility for all events you are throwing.

Stay in touch with your guests.

Should anything change leading up to the event, online festival and event management software can help you easily communicate any last-minute information to your guests. Any FAQs, tips, or maps can be sent to any online ticket purchasers, and your event website can be updated to communicate any necessary information as well.

Thank attendees and look to your next event.

It’s important to show gratitude to your guests. Once your event wraps up, send attendees an email through your online festival and event management software to thank them for patronizing your event. You may even consider conducting a brief survey to hear about what went right and any areas for improvement.

Manage Your Event with Minimal Staff

Online festival and event management software integrated with Square facilitates quick in-person ticket sales.

You may have less access to experienced employees due to the pandemic. Luckily, online event and festival software allows you to run the same quality event with less staff just as efficiently as before.

Scan and go mobile check-ins facilitate quick entry.

Mobile check-ins mean you need less event staff to check people in. Staff can use their own mobile devices to scan each guest’s mobile ticket in seconds, keeping the line moving and check-in simple.

Square allows for quick in-person sales.

Tickets purchased ahead of time means less of a line at the ticket booth. For those who didn’t buy their tickets ahead of time, festival software with Square integration makes in-person purchases no problem.

Cashless transactions have increased in popularity each year and are forecasted to continue gaining popularity, and Square offers myriad methods to pay. With a versatile payment system and contactless payments, guests have multiple payment options to utilize. Plus, without having to handle cash, your staff will be able to complete each transaction in record time.

Allow guests to modify their tickets.

If you host a festival with multiple days, timed entry, or different events within an event, you may offer updates to tickets free of charge. Managing all of these potential updates can create a lot of work for your employees, however.

Online festival and event management software lets guests update their own tickets, rather than having to call the box office and request a change. This will make your guests happier, as they won’t have to wait on hold to make a simple change, and it will also free up your staff to handle other matters.

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