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March 29, 2022 - Posted in Editors pick, Events

Using Event Management Software to Run Your Spring Event

Winter events keep guests huddled inside. By contrast, spring events bring people out, and your spring event can host huge numbers with the right event ticketing and event management software. No matter if it’s an active race like the Donna Mother’s Day 5K in Jacksonville or if it finds you thirsty for hosting a drinks-themed party like the Georgia Food and Wine Festival, as you prepare, event management software can save time and energy better devoted to hosting your event.

event management software

Spring often finds volunteers wanting to get out and be engaged, and your spring event can find you with a wealth of help. Managing volunteers and staff can turn into a full-time job in itself. As the organizer, your time is valuable. You have a host of duties, one of which is delegating tasks to your staff and volunteers. By using event management software, you can take many of the manual, administrative tasks off of your plate, and consolidate the promotion of your event, ticketing, and the ultimate execution of your big day into one streamlined app.

Promoting your event

For many organizations, spring is an exceptionally busy time. You may be hosting a flower show like the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s annual Philadelphia Flower Show and an annual fundraiser for your organization in the span of a couple of short months. Do yourself a favor, and ditch the Excel document and the cash box. The less you have to manage personally, the better. A better way of organizing multiple events is through the use of event management software.

event management software

With event management software, you can sell tickets through your custom website at any time of day, without the face-to-face sale. Your potential festival-goer can learn about your beer festival while purchasing tickets to your flower show. The best part is, you don’t have to be there to take their cash at 2 a.m. when they purchase their tickets. Your customers can learn about your events and purchase tickets while you rest up to take on the more time-intensive duties of hosting, such as making sure that you have merchandise made well in advance of the date of the event. With your event management software, customers will be able to buy your merchandise on the site along with their tickets, building their excitement along with promoting and spreading the word about your spring event.

With event management software, every purchase of tickets and merch builds your contact list for future events. Use it to reach and keep your customers’ enthusiasm up for your coming spring event as well as any future planned events. You can also use customers’ sign-up contacts to reach out with news regarding parking, changes to locations, or emergencies for the day of your spring event.

As you put together promotional materials for your spring festival, keep in mind that the simple addition of a QR code on a flyer or poster can take potential customers directly to a purchase page for your event. This simplifies and streamlines the purchase process and is readily available with event management software.

Many will want to attend your spring event, but scheduling conflicts and distance can in some circumstances be a barrier. For those unable to attend themselves, but wanting to help a friend attend, a partnership between an event management software like SimpleTix and Square allows for gifting tickets, passes, memberships, and tours.


Event management software like SimpleTix can make the process of purchasing and attending your spring event streamlined and simple. Your customers will love not only being able to purchase their tickets online, but also the flexibility to change their day or timeslot of attendance. SimpleTix keeps this process totally autonomous, letting your ticket-holders make these adjustments as needed.

Does your spring event feature different levels or types of tickets? SimpleTix offers unlimited ticket types for your site, so all your customers’ diverse needs can be accommodated. Does your event need to offer festival or class pack modes, capacity limits, or timed entry ticketing? SimpleTix makes these offerings readily available on your personalized spring event site.

event management software

Hosting a spring event has traditionally taken a lot of cash both up front and on-hand the day-of to handle the expenses, incidentals and occasional surprises that come with organizing. Event management software like SimpleTix offers a solution via instant payouts. This frees up any revenue from the event, allowing you instant access to the funds you may need to cover expenses, whether anticipated or unforeseen. After all, these are your sales. Why let traditional event management software hold your revenue?

Pulling off your event

In the lead-up to your spring event, there will be items to check off daily. The days leading up to your spring event will go quickly, and the day of your event will be hectic. You’ve done your homework and laid the groundwork for organizing the myriad moving parts. Use event management software to keep all of the processes streamlined and your staff properly delegated. This lets you focus on executing the most engaging and fun event you can muster.

SimpleTix allows for mobile ticket check-ins, getting your guests into the event faster. This essentially eliminates the former frustration and anxiety of waiting in long lines. Your guests will appreciate it, since they can spend more time enjoying your event, and less time standing in line. Set your patrons free to visit concessions and stock up on your spring event’s merchandise. Your merchandise sales can also be facilitated through the SimpleTix platform.

For people with busy spring schedules, committing ahead of time can be difficult. Customers whose calendars have a last-minute hole can choose to buy tickets to your spring event on the day-of, and SimpleTix’s partnership with Square allows tickets to be sold at the gate quickly, removing the slow-downs of paper ticket sales.

A well-executed day is a successful day and will allow your crowd to look forward to your event next year. Make sure your spring festival operates smoothly, reaches your intended crowd, and brings in the most revenue possible. Event management software like SimpleTix will simplify your ticket sales, keep the lines moving quickly, and help your spring event reach its largest audience. SimpleTix allows for the most streamlined experience and the most enjoyment for your spring event—for you and your guests.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

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