5 Event Trends in the Resort Space

Whether your resort space is well known for hosting events or you’re ready to grow that reputation, there are multiple event trends that you need to be aware of. Implementing hese trends help you make the event easier on your staff, more enjoyable for your guests and more profitable for your organization.

Ordering Tickets Online

Adapting to consumer trends is part of staying in business, and online ordering is a must in the resort industry. Accept for a fact that your prospects are comparison shopping, searching social media sites and expecting online ordering. As a resort vendor, you have to provide an online ordering experience that meets two goals – it helps your clients register for your event and it helps your staff keep track of attendance and better prepare for the event’s start. When your online ordering process goes smoothly, everyone benefits.

Offering Season Passes

Season passes are a no brainer for resorts – and are essential if you run a seasonal business. Online technology has made it even easier for your business to create, promote and profit from the seasonal pass model. Seasonal passes are a win-win-win for your resort – you get additional incoming traffic from seasonal pass searchers online, your customers get to enjoy your resort year round and your business benefits from repeat attendees. Someone who may start out as a one-time attendee for an event may start coming back to a resort again and again with the right season pass offer.

Making Passes Mobile Friendly

Combining the convenience of online access with the savings of season passes, mobile passes are a must for modern resorts. Event attendees are using their mobile devices throughout the course of an event, so why not make attendance convenient for them? Mobile passes can speed check-ins and improve the entire customer service experience – which is great for your resort reviews.

Scan and Park Facilities

Getting access to parking is on the top of your resort visitor’s must have list. Make it as easy for them by incorporating mobile technology into your parking process. This event trend helps attendees easily book their parking passes on your website, then parking attendants can scan a QR code on attendees’ phones to validate tickets. By offering online purchasing online and simplifying the job for parking attendants, your resorts parking experience is improved.

Boating Slip Reservations Made Easy

Resorts with boating facilities know that event attendees typically want to take advantage of getting out on the open water. Just like with ticketing and parking, boat parking slip RSVP confirmations have gone online. Web access makes it easy for attendees to not only register for their boat slip reservation but also see exactly where they’ll be docking. With interactive maps your attendees can select the exact spot they want and reserve for one day or several all through your website. Easy!

These event trends make bringing attendees to your resort easy and convenient for everyone. You have enough on your plate as a resort manager or program coordinator. Jump on these trends now and use SimpleTix’s easily customizable software to save time, money and energy. Sign up for your free trial now!

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