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January 14, 2022 - Posted in Editors pick, Zoo Software

The Best Point of Sale Solution For Zoo Management Systems

For zoo patrons, their first point of contact will be when they buy tickets and enter your facilities. This first impression can make the difference between a family that returns again and again and invests in conservation efforts, versus one who leaves the zoo frustrated and seeks other activities in the future.

Having the right zoo management systems in place ensures a positive point-of-sale experience for staff and guests, and it can offer a host of other benefits to improve your zoo’s bottom line.

When zoos manage these systems internally, this can create bottlenecks and delays for payments and refunds.

Square offers a point-of-sale system that optimizes the ticketing experience and streamlines the payment process.

Square’s range of POS and other digital tools for businesses like zoos has made them a popular online purchasing partner. In 2019, statistics show that over 2 million businesses used Square to process transactions. Some important features to note include intuitive POS terminals, a centralized dashboard, analytics and reporting, and tools to manage consumer relations, inventory, payroll, and more.

zoo management systems

SimpleTix has partnered with Square in order to facilitate an easy-to-use, instant-access digital ticketing and POS zoo management system.

SimpleTix and Square offer the best point-of-sale solution for zoo management systems of any size or configuration. Here’s why.

Table of Contents:

  1.     Get Instant Payouts with the Right Zoo Management Systems
  2.     Zoo Management Systems Optimize On-Site Sales
  3.     Square Gift Cards Let Zoos Control Refund Revenue

Get Instant Payouts with the Right Zoo Management Systems

The last thing zoos want is for delayed proceeds from ticket sales to negatively impact other areas of operation that rely on those funds.

Zoos in particular face a large amount of overhead in the day-to-day running of their facilities, and the quicker ticket sales hit their accounts, the better. Expenses like food, veterinary care, staffing, and concessions create a pressing need to build meaningful patron relationships, optimize ticket sales, and drive revenue.

Some ticketing apps make you wait weeks after tickets are pre-sold to receive that payout. SimpleTix offers instant payouts. That means the moment someone buys a ticket, the zoo has that money in the bank. Pre-selling tickets digitally lets zoo patrons make purchases day or night, creating a revenue stream that’s not restricted to just your operating hours.

Not only do you get paid instantly, but the fee for using SimpleTix is just $0.79 per ticket, plus 2% of your ticket price. Compare that to the cost of Eventbrite at $1.59 per ticket, plus 3.5% of your ticket price.

Merchandise and concession sales funnel into the same account, and the SimpleTix platform lets your staff make all types of sales all from one platform.

Instant payouts help your zoo budget better and to have a clear, up-to-the-minute picture of your accounts and maximize revenue.

Zoo Management Systems Optimize On-Site Sales

zoo management systems

With the SimpleTix and Square partnership, you can use Square’s point-of-sale mobile terminals to offer your patrons omnichannel payment options at entry, including:

  •       Apple Pay
  •       Android Pay
  •       contactless payments
  •       chip card payments

By using a simple card reader connected to a mobile phone or tablet, Square lets you avoid cash and keep lines flowing smoothly, ensuring a positive point of entry into your facilities for your guests.

For patrons who pre-purchase their tickets, SimpleTix allows your staff to quickly and easily scan a unique QR code for each guest. They can either print their ticket with this code or use their mobile device to show their ticket digitally.

This also gives guests the flexibility to pay the way they prefer, as patrons increasingly gravitate toward contactless methods.

If visitors forget their ticket, staff can use the SimpleTix Organizer app to quickly locate their information and check them in manually.

In addition to Square integration, SimpleTix allows for the use of Stripe and many other payment gateways, allowing for ultimate flexibility for the preferences of both a zoo and its guests.

Other SimpleTix integrations include Boca ticket printers, Zoom, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zapier, and similar digital management tools.

Square Gift Cards Let Zoos Control Refund Revenue

Let’s say your zoo planned a conservation event and it got rained out. You need to issue ticket refunds. While this may seem like a net loss, there’s an opportunity to turn it into a positive. SimpleTix allows you to issue refunds in the form of Square gift cards to be used at a later date.

This means you can have more control over ticket revenue and build a positive relationship with your guests. Gift cards can be used for future events, tours, general entry, or becoming a member—without committing to a specific date ahead of time.

With SimpleTix, you can clarify your zoo’s refund policy with customizable registration forms and receipts as well.

What if Guests Want to Change Their Tickets Instead?

If guests don’t want a refund, but would rather change their ticket information for another time or date, they can do so themselves easily using the SimpleTix app.

This intuitive feature puts more control in your guests’ hands, and ensures your zoo management systems spend less time on customer service calls, while guests have the convenience of instantly changing ticket details from anywhere at any time day or night.

SimpleTix offers many advantages for zoos, including point-of-sale solutions, digital presales, and other zoo management system tools.

zoo management systems

SimpleTix provides a customizable web page for ticket sales for zoo events, or a ticket sales widget to connect to your zoo’s homepage. With SimpleTix you can communicate with ticket purchasers via email, send customer satisfaction surveys, target potential donors, customize ticket packages, upsell members, share COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, and more.

Square’s partnership with SimpleTix gives your zoo the best of both worlds with digital and in-person ticket sales to maximize revenue, create positive relationships with guests, and keep your zoo operating into the future.

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

Zero up-front cost, with a low rate fee of $0.79 + 2% per ticket. Seamless integration with Square, Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more. And instant payment means no waiting for payouts by check.

Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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