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July 27, 2022 - Posted in Editors pick, Event ticketing

The Best Event Ticketing Software Features for Your Farm Events

With so many operational farms leveraging their acreage into functional event space, you need to have a flexible, user-friendly event ticketing platform that supports your events, concessions, merchandising, and other add-ons. The seasonal offerings you host may be varied and distinct, but at the core of it all is centralized event ticketing software.

The best event ticketing platform will help you:

  • Pre-sell concessions, merchandise, and other upsells
  • Offer flexible ticketing options to your guests, like bulk ticket purchases and timed entry
  • Sell season passes to frequent attendees
  • Update your ticketing page for each new event

Use your Event Ticketing Sofware to Manage Unique Ticketing and Upsell Opportunities

event ticketing software

By themselves, farms offer unique event experiences for members of your local community and tourists to the area, but there are time-of-the-year considerations for farm events, too. As an operations or event manager at a productive farm, you understand the changing of the seasons and the different expectations your event attendees will have throughout the year. No one picks berries in October, and pumpkins aren’t picked over in May. You need event ticketing software that is adaptable and customizable to all the different event types you may host throughout the year. 

With SimpleTix, event venues can offer varied ticket types and unique upsells that correlate to different experiences and special events. You can create as many different types of event tickets or upsells as you want.

  • If timed entry or peak/ off-peak ticket pricing will work best with your event operations, the platform can accommodate that.
  • Another example might be an add-on highlighting different campfire locations around the farm that offers food upsells like smores to your attendees. 
  • Maybe you want to rent blankets for your summer concert series, provide a make-your-own-lemonade basket, or offer priority seating in the field to view the concert.

Upsell add-ons cost the venue no extra fees and could show a dramatic increase in revenue for the farm. You have so many options to choose from, and your event ticketing software can support these disparate choices. Offering upsells at certain points in the purchase process can significantly increase a farm’s event revenue—by as high as 30% on average.

Concessions and merch can be purchased through the event ticketing app as well, and inventory can be managed and monitored on the back end by the event creator. This feature provides you with nearly real-time sales reports, ensuring you are responsive to inventory issues, like what is selling out and what needs to be reordered, but also as to products or merch that are just sitting on the shelves and are prime for a “featured discount sale!” The best event ticketing software can streamline your different workflows into one user-friendly, intuitive interface, simplifying your processes so you can focus on the most important detail—ensuring your event attendees have the best time at your farm! 

The best event ticketing software should also help eliminate the headaches and long longs that come with scanning individual tickets at the entry point. The process not only slows down the group of attendees, but it also slows down individuals and other groups that are waiting further back in line. SimpleTix event ticketing offers a bulk scan-in feature that can reduce some of these friction points. If someone buys a group of tickets, you can admit the whole group with just one ticket. Event organizers can leverage event ticketing software features like bulk scan-in to elevate the attendee experience.

Offer your Guests Season Passes to Keep Them Coming Back for More

event ticketing software

Season passes may be the best way for you to engage your eventgoers throughout the entire year.

After they experience a spectacular event at your farm, encourage them to purchase a season pass to keep them coming back throughout the year and capture those sales while they’re still riding on that post-event high.  SimpleTix can help you win this prospect and close the sale. With a season pass program, you can reward your attendees and ensure that they keep coming back to your future farm events! 

Data shows that attendees that purchase memberships or season passes will visit your farm more often, and they will purchase more concessions, merch, and add-ons than single-event ticket holders. Season pass holders establish an emotional connection with the farm, and guests feel more special than the average attendee, reinforcing brand loyalty.

SimpleTix allows you to offer season pass holders:

  • special discounts
  • invitations to exclusive events
  • other added benefits

By reinforcing the exclusivity of these offers, you show the season pass holders your appreciation and foster their continued support of your events. 

Event creators have complete control over the functionality of season passes. Organizers can specify when passes are valid so they don’t lose out on their most profitable days of the week or the season.  For example, you might designate a season pass with unlimited uses but valid on Wednesdays only. You might want to block out any of the summer holidays and save the 4th of July for a premium-paying fireworks display. The functionality and flexibility of event ticketing software are in your hands. 

event ticketing software

One drawback of season passes is that the pass purchaser may share the pass with friends or family. Pass sharing can result in lost revenue for farm event organizers. With the SimpleTix event ticketing software, you can eliminate season pass sharing. Season passes require the owner’s photo, which can’t be changed and must be approved by your event staff. And if the purchaser doesn’t upload a photo by the start of the event, you can prompt them to do so at the gate when they use their pass for the first time. 

Manage all aspects of your farm event ticketing. 

A proper event ticketing platform will give you ticketing flexibility for your seasonal events. Your farm operation likely hosts several unique, calendar-based events, such as an Easter egg hunt in March, a blanket concert series in the summer, or a haunted house and corn maze in the fall. All of these events require different ticketing options and add-ons, which empower organizers to elevate the farm event experience. With a proper event ticketing solution that SimpleTix provides, you will be ready to flex with the different constraints and unique opportunities that each of these events provides. 

SimpleTix has offered an affordable, premium event ticketing platform that outperforms Eventbrite and similar apps for over 12 years. Compared to the competition, SimpleTix offers better options at a better price point. To learn more, call us at +1 (855) 550-3670 or email us here.

All of this for just $0.79 + 2% per attendee

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Yes, ticketing can be this simple… With SimpleTix.

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